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Last updated on September 5, 2011. Added Munday Cemetery

Index to Person County Cemeteries
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Name of Cemetery Comment / Location Last
Adcock - Carl Adcock Cemetery 391 Carl Adcock Road (SR 1574) 28 May 06
Adcock-Cox Cemetery Across from 391 Carl Adcock Road (SR 1574). Allensville Community. 11 Apr 06
Allen - Bartlett Yancey Allen Cemetery Hassell Horton Road 04 Apr 07
Allen - David Allen Cemetery Located on right side of Hicks-Yarboro Rd, .3 mile off Old Allensville Rd in Person Co. Three graves. 27 Mar 05
Allen Family Cemetery From USGS list. GPS Coordinates: 36 28' 18"N, 78 57' 15"W (WGS84/NAD83)
Location: off the Woodsdale Road near Hagers Mountain
Allen - R A Allen Cemetery 661 Flat River Church Road 28 Mar 05
Allen - William Henry Allen Cemetery NC49S between Roseville and Busy Fork 14 Aug 04
Allensville Methodist Church Cemetery 80 Dirgie Mine Road  
Anderson - W Hughes Anderson Eastern end of McCullock Loop Road (SR 1104) 19 Sep 04
Andrews, Blalock, Sneede, Timberlake Cemetery 200 C C Andrews Road (SR 1202) 05 Feb 05
Andrews - Granville Andrews Cemetery Off 501S across from southern end of Chambers Loop Road 09 Apr 06
Antioch Church Cemetery Survey. 677 Antioch Church Road 01 Mar 04
Ashley - James W Ashley Family Cemetery 1000 Dink Ashley Road, Antioch Church communitey 19 Sep 04
Atkinson, Clack, Dickins, Jones Cemetery Arcadia Dr (private) off Mt Harmony Church Road (SR 1721) 21 Mar 05
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Baird - John Baird Cemetery New Mayo Drive 02 Oct 06
Barnett - Dr. Currie Barnett Cemetery In woods between Shore Road and Canvasback Drive 28 May 06
Bass - Aloza Bass Cemetery Off Rougemont/Moriah Road (SR 1729) between Potluck Farm Road and Hill Road 19 Sep 04
Willie Bass Cemetery 6820 Helena-Moriah Road 19 Jun 07
Berry's Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 9628 Berry Road in Orange County 14 Jun 07
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery Bethany Church Road (SR 1715) 01 Mar 05
Bethel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery The web page for this cemetery is a place holder; the survey has not yet been done.  
Bible Baptist Tabernacle Cemetery 8092 Hurdle Mills Road 22 Nov 06
Blalock - Albert Blalock Cemetery
Located off Hwy 49 on Blalock farm, at Hassell Horton Road and Hwy 49 in grove of trees in pasture, Bushy Fork.  

Barnett Blalock Cemetery

Located on the Person - Durham County Line, near Rougemont NC. Leave Hwy 501 at the county line sign, go west on County Line Road. The Cemetery is on the left side of the road. 29 May 05
Blalock-Garrett Cemetery
Located on Hwy. 158 East of Roxboro.  
Blalock - Green Blalock Cemetery
Located at the intersection of Huff Road and Jones Store Road in the Paynes Tavern area of Person County NC.  
Blalock - Sam Blalock Cemetery Across from 585 C C Andrews Road (SR 1202) 04 Feb 04
Bowles Cemetery 1625 Rougemont- Moriah Rd (SR 1729) 04 Aug 04
Bowling - Cothran - Taylor Cemetery 158E to right on Mt Harmony Church Road (SR 1721) to right on Medford Oakley Road (SR 1756) 24 May 05
Bradsher Cemetery - Salem Church Road Off Salem Church Road 05 Jun 06
Bradsher Cemetery on Union Grove Church Road Union Grove Church Road 11 Jul 06
Bradsher - Benjamin Bradsher Cemetery 3194 Gordonton Road 26 Jan 09
Brookland United Methodist Church Cemetery 87 Brookland Church Road. Survey added 15 July 2004. 15 Jul 04
Brooks - Woods Cemetery 3141 Woodsdale Road (SR 1326) 28 Mar 05
Brown-Hicks Cemetery one mile south of Brookland Methodist Church. On Billy Hicks Road.  
Brown - William Brown Cemetery Byrd’s Creek subdivision off Guess Road across from Charlie Monk Road 22 May 06
Buchanan - J Buchanan Cemetery 501N 04 Apr 07
Bumpass - A. H. Bumpass Cemetery 291 Marvin Gill Road (SR 1572) 11 Mar 06
Bumpass, Deerhead John Bumpass End of Medford Oakley Road (SR 1756) off Mt Harmony Church Road (SR 1721) 27 Mar 05
Bumpass - John Bumpass Sr Cemetery Located on Old Allensville Road, 100 yds west of intersection of Reuben Allen Road 22 Jul 04
Burch - Clayton Cemetery
Located on Allensville Road at Ruff Davis Road. .2 mile from intersection in Person County NC.  
Burchwood Cemetery Originally developed by the City of Roxboro and still maintained by the city. Recently merged with the adjacent "Burchwood Annex" cemetery. This is the largest cemetery in Person County.  
Burton-Cates Cemetery 532 Youngs Chapel Church Road (SR 1142). Payne's Tavern area. 11 Apr 06
Burton - Dudley S Burton Family Cemetery This cemetery has not been located but is included based on the WPA Cemetery Survey. The WPA survey gives the location as: "NC Route 48, So. E. from Roxboro, N. C. 5 1/2 mi.,  right 1/4 mile." NC 48 is today the Oxford Road, US 158. 06 Sep 05
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Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery 2663 High Plains Road, Roxboro, NC  27574  
Cameron Person County Slave Cemetery mile from the South Flat River between Dick Holeman Road (SR 1123) and Ned Moore Road (SR 1125) 11 Apr 06
Carolina Power & Light Hyco Cemetery Kelly Brewer Road. Receiving cemetery for graves moved during construction of Hyco and Mayo Lakes.  
Carver - John B Carver Family Cemetery Across from 249 Barnette-Tingen Mine Road 14 Jun 07
Carver - Rial Carver Cemetery Across from 601 Wesleyan Road 18 May 06
Carver - W A Carver Cemetery At the end of Roxdale Place off Chub Lake Road 01 Aug 08
Cash - Clark Cemetery Beyond house at end of Gap Farm Road (private) 21 Mar 05
Cash - G T Cash Cemetery 3229 Mt Harmony Church Road (SR 1721) 19 Aug 04
Cash Grove Cemetery Across from 2110 Peed Road. From Roxboro, 158E to right on Mt Harmony Church Road (SR 1721) to left on Peed Road 27 Mar 05
Cash - Monroe Cash Cemetery Survey. Behind 400 Ann Drive in patch of woods in The Forks subdivision  
Cates Cemetery Survey. 285 Welch-Whitfield Road 20 Jul 04
Cates Family Cemetery 1109 Hurdle Mills Road (SR1506) 06 Dec 05
Chambers - Dunn Cemetery 528 Chambers Loop Road (SR 1742) 18 Aug 05
Chambers - Tilley Cemetery Across from 81 Riverbend Way, Off Chambers Loop 16 Aug 05
Chambers - Charlie W Chambers Cemetery Beside 748 Chambers Loop Road 13 Aug 04
Chambers - Joe Chambers Cemetery Across from 935 Tom Oakley Rd 19 Jul 04
Chambers Family Cemetery
Located on Weldon Painter Road off Hwy 501 at Timberlake, Person County,NC.  
Chambers Cemetery On right after the mailbox for 115 Weldon Painter (SR 1749) 18 May 06
Chambers - Clayton - Clement Cemetery McIver Chambers Road 02 Oct 06
Chandler Cemetery Survey. Johnnie Jones Road 20 Jul 04
Clay-Meadows Cemetery Helena Moriah Road between Bowen Rd and Deep Creek 21 Aug 06
Clayton Cemetery on Range Road Survey. Range Road within sight of the Durham County line and sign 20 July 04
Clayton-Hill Cemetery 1171 Rougemont/ Moriah Road (SR 1729) 13 Aug 04
Clayton - J. D. Clayton Cemetery Antioch Church Road 10 Mar 06
Clayton - James Cemetery Houston Blalock Road 19 Jul 07
Clayton - John Draper Clayton Cemetery Survey. Olive Hill Community  
Clayton - Sol D. Clayton Cemetery Located at the end of Flem Clayton Road off the Semora Road in the Olive Hill Community.  
Clayton-Rhew Cemetery Located on the Silas Clayton homeplace on Highway 158,  approximately 6 miles east of Roxboro.  
Clayton-Long Cemetery Whitt Town Road 22 Nov 2006
Clayton - Marion Thomas Clayton Family Cemetery Survey.  End of Nora Poole Road near Five Forks near the City Lake.  
Clayton - T D Clayton Cemetery 286 Robert Gentry Road 13 Aug 04
Coleman - Willie Coleman Cemetery Helena-Moriah Road (SR 1715) 09 Apr 06
Concord Methodist Church Cemetery Location: 70 Concord Church Rd, Roxboro, NC. Located at the intersection of the Semora Road and the Concord Church Road. Attractive white frame church. Large church cemetery. Active.  
Cothran Family Cemetery From WPA Survey 20 Jul 04
County Cemetery Behind County Animal Shelter on Chub Lake Road  
Crumpton-Thomas Cemetery 2039 Thee Hester Road (SR 1159) 11 Apr 06
Cuningham Cemetery WPA survey. NW corner of the County on Cunningham Road near the NC-VA border 23 Jul 04
Currin - Amos Currin Cemetery 586 Julian Oakley Rd (SR 1726) 23 Sep 04
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Daniel - Bessie Daniel Cemetery Bessie Daniel’s homeplace on Bessie Daniel Road (SR 1147) mile from Flat River Church Road intersection 15 Aug 06
Daniels Family Cemetery 10160 Hurdles Mill Road, Hurdles Mill 23 Jul 04
Davis Family Cemetery Survey. Photographs. Ruff Davis Road  
Day - John Day Cemetery Johnny Palmer Road 11 Jul 06
Day - Tinnie Cemetery 187 Kermit Duncan Road 19 Jul 04
Dillon Cemetery Brooks Dairy Road, Olive Hill. No survey 15 Jul 04
Dixon - Samuel A. Dixon Cemetery Survey. McGee's Mill Road near Ceffo  
Duke-Peed and Dameron Cemeteries Peed Road (SR 1727) at Duke homeplace. 16 Aug 05
Duncan - Abrous H Duncan Cemetery Pixley Pritchard Road (SR1567) on right, before Stanley Oakley Road 21 Sep 06
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Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery John Pleasant Road just off US 158 near the Person / Caswell County line. 14 Jun 07
Ephesus Church Cemetery From USGS Cemetery List
The survey for this cemetery has not been completed.
GPS Coordinates: 36 32' 07"N, 79 01' 23"W (WGS84/NAD83)
Location: NW Corner of the County on Ephesus Church Road near the NC-VA border
Directions: From Semora: Cunningham Road into Virginia. Right on Edwin Robertson Road and back into NC. Just after re-entering NC, left on Ephesus Church Road (SR 1323) to John Merritt Road (SR 1324). Church is at this intersection.
Evans - L A Evans Cemetery Pixley Pritchard Road 04 Jan 05
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Flat River Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Intersection of the Flat River Church Road and Bessie Daniel Road. 14 Jun 07
Foushee - A C Foushee Cemetery 2949 Rolling Hills Road (SR 1166 ) across from house 19 Sep 04
Fox Cemetery Thee Hester Rd. Off NC 49 South, near Roseville. S
Frazier - S. D. Frazier Cemetery 495 Mt Harmony Church Road 25 Oct 05
Frazier - S. S. Fraizer Cemetery 691 Johnny Jones Road (SR 1719) 25 Oct 05
Frazier - William Blair Frazier Cemetery Across from 820 Johnny Jones Road (SR 1719) 05 Dec 05
Fuller, Harris, Thorpe, Royster, Taborn Cemetery Pixley Pritchard Road (SR1567) across from New St James Church 21 Sep 06
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Gales Cemetery Moriah  
Gateway Baptist Church Cemetery 2370 Chambers Loop Road 14 Jun 07
Gentry Family Cemetery Halifax Road S
Gentry - Wyat Gentry Cemetery 1103 Halifax Road 19 Jul 07
Gentry - Zachary Gentry Cemetery Off Parham Road, Allensville 26 Aug 06
Glenn - Samuel Glenn Cemetery Bowen Road (SR 1735) 16 Aug 05
Gooch Cemetery Dick Holeman Road (SR 1123) near Tom Oakley Road (SR 1120) 23 Nov 04
Gray - William Gray Cemetery Paynes Tavern Road 22 May 06
Gregory Family Cemetery Past house at 465 John Allen Road 14 Jun 07
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Hager Quaker Burying Ground Cemetery In woods beside 1664 Woodsdale Road 12 Jun 06
Hargis - J B Hargis Cemetery Old Allensville Road (SR 1717) near Jack Brann Road (SR 1593) 27 Mar 05
Harris Cemetery John Winstead Road 10 Nov 03
Harris - John Harris Cemetery Morton Pulliam Road (SR 1342) at City Lake Road (SR 1336) 09 Apr 06
Harris - Col. John L. Harris Cemetery 6516 Dirgie Mine Road ( SR 1542) 11 Apr 06
Hawley Family Cemetery US 158E to right on Mt Harmony Church Road (SR 1721) to left on Allen Creek Road 24 May 05
Hester Family Cemetery Gordonton Road (SR 1102) 14 Jun 07
Hester Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 590 Wheelers Church Road 26 Jun 06
Hicks - Chesley Hicks Cemetery In woods 200 ft on north side of Winchester Drive (SR 1768) 06 Aug 05
Hill - Day Cemetery Moriah  
Hobgood, Peed, Oakley Cemetery Groundhog Drive off Allen Creek Road (SR 1730) 20 Mar 05
Huff-Blalock-Whitfield Cemetery 728 Huff Road 11 Jul 06
Huff - John A. Huff Cemetery 1200 Bunnie Huff Road (SR 1565) 02 Sep 06
Huff - W. S. Huff Cemetery Julian Oakley Road near Fitch Oakley Road 14 Jan 08
Hyco Zion Baptist Church Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 36 26' 40"N, 79 05' 00"W (WGS84/NAD83)
996 Concord Church Road, Roxboro, NC  27574. No survey.
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Jones Chapel Cemetery 780 Barnette Tingen Road 14 Jan 08
Jones - Griffin Jones Cemetery Old Nanny Day home place on Surl/Mt Tirzah Road (SR 1717) 26 Dec 04
Jones - John Jones Cemetery Hurdle Mills Road (157) to left on Clay Long Road (SR 1133). Cemetery is across from 1142 Clay Long Road 09 Apr 06
Jones - Moses Jones Cemetery Shiloh Church Road behind the fire department 24 May 05
Jones-Riggs Cemetery Jones Rd (SR 1100) 11 Mar 06
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Lamberth Memorial
Baptist Church Cemetery
1026 Longs Store Road 04 Jun 06
Lamberth Memorial
Old Lamberth Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery
Original location of Lamberth Memorial Baptist Church at the intersection of Maurice Daniels Road and Concord Church Road. The church was founded in either 1902 or 1904. Because of this discrepency regarding the actual date of its founding, the church celebrated its centenial on October 5, 2003. A history of the church, copies of many church documents, and photographs are included in a book published for the centenial entitled "Lamberth Memorial Baptist Church Celebrates 100 Years of Ministry."  
Lea's Chapel Cemetery Leasburg Road 05 Mar 04
Long - Aaron Long Cemetery On Chub Lake Road in pasture across from Theresa Church 13 Jan 2008
Long - Dick Long Cemetery Ceffo 15 July 04
Long Memorial United Methodist Church Columbarium. No survey.  
Long - Flem D. Long Cemetery  PhotographsMaurice Daniels Road. 25 Feb 04
Long - James M Long Cemetery Tally Loop off Todd Road 28 Mar 2005
Long - Ratliff Long Cemetery In woods off Roxdale Street off the 2900 block of Chub Lake Road. 13 Jan 2008
Long - W H Long Cemetery Charlie Long Road (SR 1112) 04 Feb 05
Lunsford - Nathan Lunsford Cemetery US 158E, across from Mt Harmony Church Road 26 Jun 06
31 Jul 08
Lunsford - John Lunsford Cemetery From Roxboro, take 158E almost to Surl Primitive Baptist Church. Cemetery is in woods behind field on right 21 Mar 05
Lunsford - Joseph Lunsford Cemetery Lucy Garrett Road across from intersection with Billy Hicks Road 03 Apr 07
Lunsford - W J Lunsford Cemetery Near intersection of Lonny Gentry Road and Tingen Mine Road 04 Apr 07
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Malone-McKee Cemetery Wheelers Church Road at Gordonton 18 Jul 06
Mayo Chapel Cemetery Included here as an aid to researchers. This cemetery is in Christie, Virginia and thus has not been surveyed for this Person County, NC web site. The church building has been abandoned but the cemetery remains active. Obituaries indicating burials in this cemetery were published in 2007 and 2008. Many of the burials here are individuals associated with the Sappony Tribe 28 Jul 08
Meadows-Newton Cemetery Moriah. Survey Complete. Photographs. 22 Jun 04
McGehee Cemetery McGhees Mill Rd (SR 1336) at lake bridge 20 Mar 05
Mill Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 1562 Mill Creek Road, Roxboro, NC  27573 11 Jul 05
Mill Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Mill Hill Road  
Mooney - Blalock Cemetery across from 4070 Oxford Road 22 May 06
Mooney - Garrett Cemetery Across from Cambridge Hills Assisted Living, 5660 Durham Road 09 Apr 06
Moore - A. L. Moore Cemetery Oxford Road, across from B G Loftis Road 21 Sep 06
Moore - Abraham Moore Cemetery Charlie Long Road (SR 1112) 23 Nov 04
Moore - Alvis Moore Cemetery - At Paynes Tavern 71 Paynes Tavern Road (SR1142) 05 Sep 06
Moore - John Moore Cemetery Hassle Horton Road (SR 1138) 11 Apr 06
Moore - Stephen Moore Cemetery 4319 Surl-Mt Tirzah Road 26 Jan 09
Morningside Memorial Gardens An early name for Person Memorial Gardens (which see)  
Morton - S.A.R. Morton In woods across from intersection of Antioch Church Road (SR 1708) and Houston Blalock Road (SR 1705)S A R Morton Cemetery 11 Mar 06
Munday Family Cemetery 2891 Chub Lake Road, Roxboro, NC. On private property 05 Sep 11
Mt Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery From USGS Cemetery List
The survey for this cemetery has not been completed.
GPS Coordinates: 36 19' 15"N, 78 51' 45"W (WGS84/NAD83)
Location: 1655 Mt Harmony Church Road (Rougemont mailing address)
Directions: Oxford Road (US 158) to Mt Harmony Church Road (SR 1721). Church and cemetery are near the intersection of Mt Harmony Church Road and Jim Latta Road (SR 1723).
Mt Tirzah Methodist Church Cemetery From USGS Cemetery List
The survey for this cemetery has not been completed.
Location: 4553 Surl-Mt. Tirzah Road (Timberlake mailing address)
Mt Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery 135 Clay Long Road 20 Jun 09
Old Mt Zion Church Cemetery 1111 Oak Grove Mount Zion Rd
GPS Coordinates: 36 27' 52"N, 79 00' 46"W (WGS84/NAD83)
New Hope Person Church Cemetery 1261 Tom Oakley Road 20 Jun 09
New St James Baptist Church Cemetery 4130 Pixley Pritchard Road (SR 1567) 21 Sep 06
Newton, Brooks, Clayton Cemetery 889 Newton-Pleasant Loop, off of Hesters Store Road 28 May 06
Noell Cemetery Helena 03 Aug 04
Norris Cemetery Walnut Grove Chruch Road 19 Jul 04
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Oakley Cemtery GPS Coordinates: 36 26' 19"N, 79 01' 09"W (WGS84/NAD83)
Near Five Forks.
Oakley Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 36 27' 21"N, 79 03' 12"W (WGS84/NAD83)  
Oakley - A L Oakley Cemetery Moores Mill Road (SR 1737) beside Winchester Road (SR 1768) 01 Mar 05
Oakley - Luther Oakley Cemetery 407 Stanley Oakley Road (SR 1570) 04 Jan 05
Oakley - Thomas Oakley Cemetery 605 Jim Poole Road 22 Nov 06
Oakley - W C Oakley Cemetery 1575 Rougemont-Moriah Road (SR 1729) 04 Aug 04
Oakley - W M Oakley Cemetery 800 Julian Oakley Road (SR 1726) 23 Sep 04
Oakley - J. W. Oakley Family Cemetery Off City Lake Road near (New) City Lake.  
Oak Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery 854 Oak Grove Mount Zion Road. No survey.  
O'Briant - Albert O'Briant Cemetery End of Fieldstone Road 14 Jun 07
Olive Branch Baptist Church Cemetery 7588 Dirgie Mine Road, Triple Springs Community off of NC 49. No survey.  
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Painter-Bowes Cemetery Located near the Morton Pulliam Road in the Olive Hill Community.  
Paul Cemetery Country Club Road.  
Payne Family Cemetery WPA Survey. Paynes Tavern. Listed here as the Alvis Moore Cemetery - At Paynes Tavern. 05 Sep 06
Pearce - William Pearce Family Cemetery Berry Pearce Road (SR 1120 ) 27 Mar 05
Peed-Duke Cemetery Glenn Fogleman Road; near Mt Harmony Church off of Oxford Road.  
Perry Cemetery Off Henderson Road between Henry Pulliam and Peck Perry 08 Jun 06
Person Memorial Gardens Located on US 501 South. Developed as a commercial cemetery. Now owned and operated by Brooks and White Funeral Home, Roxboro. No survey. An early name for this cemetery was Morningside Memorial Gardens.  
Phelps Cemetery Jones Road (SR ) near Orange County 19 Sep 04
John Phillips Cemetery In woods off Clay Long Road 03 Apr 07
Pine Hill Primitive Baptist
Church Cemetery
Charlie Monk Road at Hickory Nut Road 28 May 06
Pool - Wilkerson Cemetery 2 miles SW of Virgilina, VA in the NE corner of Person County 25 Jul 05
Poole - O'Briant Cemetery 394 Olive Branch Road off 49N 26 Jan 09
Poole - Thomas Cemetery 684 Neals Store Road 26 Jan 09
Powell Cemetery Just after 403 Crystal Forest Drive (Private Roard) on right 26 Jun 06
Prospect Hill Baptist Church Cemetery 301 Bethel Hill School Road, Roxboro, NC  27574. No survey.  
Providence Cemetery 1319 Virgilina Road S
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Reade Cemetery 1014 Charlie Reade Road (SR 1746) 04 Feb 05
Reaves-Riggsby Cemetery D B Whitt Road 22 Nov 06
Rimmer, Brooks, Moore Cemetery Hurdle Mills Road between the arms of Hawkins Loop Road 18 Mar 05
Robertson - Edwin Johnson Robertson Jr Cemetery Woodsdale Road just north of Woodsdale. Survey. 14 Aug 04
21 Mar 05

Rock Grove Church - Slaughter Cemetery

3190 Allensville Road, Roxboro, NC  27574 28 May 06
Rogers Cemetery High Plains School Road. Moved to Bethel Hill Baptist Church when Mayo Lake was constructed. This could also be called the John Calvin Rogers Family Cemetery.  
Rogers - John Rogers Cemetery Jack Hamrick Road, Olive Hill. 21 Jul 04
Rogers - Lena Rogers Cemetery CC White Circle off Hurdle Mills Road 14 Jan 08
Rogers-Robertson Cemetery Woodsdale. Survey. Includes grave of Dr. Edwin J. Robertson and wife Jane Rogers.  
Rogers-Stephens Cemetery    Photographs   Leasburg Road S
Rogers-White Cemetery In the woods back of a field opposite the southernmost intersection of US 501 and Roby Barton Road. 11 Jul 05
Russell-Snipes Cemetery (link provided to another site where a grave listing is posted)  
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Saint Mark's Episcopal Church Columbarium. 422 North Main Street, Roxboro, NC  27573. No survey.  
Salem Church Cemetery 933 Salem Church Road 31 May 06
Satterfield Cemetery Uptown Roxboro 16 Aug 05
Satterfield - Cazort Cemetery Cemetery is on property of 2803 Satterfield Road 19 May 06
Satterfield - John (Isaac) Satterfield Cemetery Antioch Church Community 05 Sep 04
Scott Cemetery Northwest Person County. Not all families buried there have the surname Scott. Richard Paylor was buried there in 1849. 07 Jun 06
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Photographs   Located on Shiloh Church Road off of US 510 North in the Bethel Hill Community. S
Smith-Seate Cemetery 11540 Virgilina Road 11 Jul 06
Snipes Cemetery Yarborough Road. 21 Jul 04
Snipes-O'Briant Cemetery 1355 Hesters Store/ Roseville Road (SR 1162) across from Olivers Loop 09 Apr 06
Snipes - W.F. Snipes Cemetery Across from 304 Broach Road 07 Jun 06
St. Peters Cemetery Survey. African-American Cemetery. Moved during construction of Mayo Lake.  
Stories Creek Cemetery Survey. Stories Creek Road, off Chub Lake Road 01 Mar 05
Surl Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery US 158 East at Pixley-Pritchard Road, a short distance east of Mt Tirzah-Surl Road 14 Jun 07
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Tapp - Henry Tapp Cemetery On private property behind 1233 Blackard Road 24 May 05
Theresa Baptist Church Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 36 26' 48"N, 78 59' 44"W (WGS84/NAD83)
3919 Chub Lake Road, Roxboro, NC  27574, Chub Lake Community
Thomas, W H Wilkerson farm on Pixley Pritchard Rd (SR 1567) 20 Mar 05
Tilley - Gates - Beavers Cemetery 136 Howard Clayton Road off Chambers Loop Road 18 Aug 05
Tillman - David T. Tillman Family Cemetery Located off of Morton Pulliam Road in the Olive Hill Community.  
Timberlake - Red Timberlake Family Cemetery Dick Holeman Road (SR 1123) directly across from Satterfield Road (SR 1134) intersection 06 Dec 05
Townsend Cemetery 158E past Thomas Store Road. Turn left on Gap Farm Road (private) 21 Mar 05
Turner - John Robert Turner Cemetery 288 Miller Road. 501S to Timberlake, just past CC Andrews Road turn on Miller 11 Mar 06
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Van Hook Cemetery Lewis Winstead Road 11 Jul 06
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Wade - William Wade Cemetery Off US158E near Surl on Valhalla Drive. 11 Jul 05
Walker Cemetery Survey.    4 miles north on US-501 on the left before S P Gentry's store.  
Robert Wallace Cemetery Deep in woods off 1600 Clay Long Rd  
Walters Cemetery McGhees Mill Road 25 Jul 04
Warren's Grove United Methodist
Church Cemetery
1511 Wesleyan Road, Roxboro, NC  27573  
Webb-Cameron Cemetery Raintree Road (private) off Satterfield Road in Timberlake area 12 Aug 04
Westbrooks Cemetery Photographs   Leasburg Road  
Wheelers Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Intersection of Wheelers Church Road and Union Grove Church Road 26 Jun 06
Wheely's Church Cemetery - Old Location Wheelers Church Road (SR1102) at Gordonton 05 Sep 06
Whitfield - Edwin Whitfield Cemetery 2201 Poindexter Road in woods behind field 01 Aug 08

Whitfield   James E Whitfield Cemetery

Skip Rogers Road 28 May 06
Wilkerson - Stephen Wilkerson Cemetery Charlie Carr Road  
Wilkerson - Thomas E. Wilkerson Cemetery Lacy Wilkerson Road (SR1146) 21 Sep 06
Williams-Trimm Cemetery Carl Long Road (SR 1133) near Mt Zion Church 11 Apr 06
Williamson - James Williamson Cemetery In woods off Industrial Drive (SR 1195) 21 Mar 05
Wilson Family Cemetery 1601 Pulliam – Tingen Mine Road, near Allensville 11 Jul 05
Wilson - Stewart Cemetery Just inside the entrance to Dayfield subdivision on left - off Antioch Church Road 17 May 06
Winstead - James Winstead Cemetery 928 Ralph Winstead Road 14 Jan 08
Winstead - Moses Winstead Cemetery Robert Norris Road. 28 May 06
Winstead - Samuel Winstead Cemetery Maurice Daniels Road, Olive Hill / Concord Community 02 Jul 04
Wood - Richard Wood Cemetery Pixley Pritchard Rd (SR 1567 ) 21 Mar 05
Woodsdale Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 36 29' 11"N, 78 57' 28"W (WGS84/NAD83)  
Woody Cemetery at Bethel Hill Baptist Church Bethel Hill. 25 Mar 05
Woodsdale Methodist Episcopal Church - Woody Cemetery Woodsdale adjacent to Robertson Cemetery 25 Mar 05

Wrenn Cemetery

across from Warren Church on Wesleyan Road. 17 May 06
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Yarbrough - Blace Yarboro Cemetery Allie Clay Road  
Jasper Yarbrough Cemetery Across from 515 Terry Road 12 Mar 07
Yarboro-Clayton Cemetery Survey. Photographs. Old Allensville Road at the intersection of Jack Brann Road  
Younger Cemetery Chub Lake Road. 16 June 11
Young's Chapel Church Cemetery 284 Young’s Chapel Church Road (SR 1142) 01 Jun 06
Be certain that you also check the Person County cemetery information in the GenWeb Person County Archives. Some of this information is included above with a link to the appropriate archives file.  
Cemetery Census Allen Dew maintains this site which includes cemetery records from many counties adjacent to Person County. Especially useful to Person County researchers are the complete records of cemeteries in Durham and Orange Counties.

03 Apr 07



  • This list provides the names of cemeteries for which surveys have been completed. Links are provided to the web pages for each of those cemteries. A more complete list of Person County Cemeteries, including those for which surveys have not been completed is available as the Person County Cemetery Master List.

  • The burden rests with the user to exercise caution in using the dates that you find here. The inscriptions on the stones may be incorrect or the transcription of that information may have been in error. If you find errors, please let me know.

  • And, of course, if you can help with a cemetery survey we will all benefit.

  • The goal of the grave stone transcriptions that you will find here is to provide an exact transcriptions of the information on a stone. A slash (/) designates the end of a line on the stone. Additional information not found on the stone but of possible use is enclosed in a pair of parenthesis.



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