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This page last updated on October 26, 2011

Munday Family Cemetery

Location: In a clump of woods behind address 2891 Chub Lake Road, Roxboro, NC.
Directions: From Roxboro take Chub Lake Road North. Pass Stories Creek Road and City Lake Road on the left. Take a left onto a driveway between 2755 and 2825 Chub Lake Road. Follow the driveway and bear right past the house (2773 Chub Lake Road) that can be seen from Chub Lake Road. An old tobacco barn will be on the right. The driveway curves to the left and then to the right and ends in a driveway behind a house (2891 Chub Lake Road). Straight ahead is a clump of woods West of the house where the cemetery is located.
Access: This is private property and prior permission should be obtained.
Survey: 16 July 2011 by Scarlett Munday Grace and Sam Bradsher Munday
GPS: 36 25’ 56.57"N 78 59’ 53.68"W
Notes: This cemetery is not maintained and many stones are knocked over and covered. Please contact us if any new graves are discovered.


Grave rows are no longer clearly discernable. Many unmarked stones appear in this graveyard and are scattered throughout. Border stones marked with JWK surrounded some areas.

  1. ELIZABETH MUNDAY/ WAS bORN(N is reversed)D/ FEb 13 1824/ AND DIED MAY 24/ 1886 AGE 62 YEARS/ 3 MON 11 DAYS/ Sleep mother Sleep in glory/ while we sleep on earth (written in script).
    (Elizabeth T. Long m.1 to Thomas Jefferson Kerr, m.2 to Jesse Munday (She is Jesse’s second wife), mother of John Henry Carr, daughter of Jesse Long and Kirziah Chatman. This stone has broken from it’s base and is leaning against a tree.)
  2. (This is a double-sided headstone with one name on the front and one on the back)
    (Side one) MOTHER/ MRS ANN MANN/ SEPT. 19, 1829/ AUG. 9, 1900.
    (footstone) A.M.
    (Ann H. Munday, according to family Bible this is probably Nancy Hughes Munday, m.1 to Leroy Reagan, m.2 to William Paisley Mann, daughter of Jesse Munday and Lillia Lawson.)
    (Side two) DAUGHTER/ LILLIE B REAGIN/ NOV. 24, 1861/ SEPT 8, 1895.
    (footstone) LBR
    (Daughter of Leroy Reagan and Ann H. Munday)
    (Oliver Cromwell King, m. to Mary Shelton King, son of John Wesley King and Mollie Bett Carr. Mollie is daughter of Virginia Susan Munday.)
  4. MARY SHELTON KING/ 1901 1969/ BROOKS & WHITE (Brooks & White funeral marker, instead of a stone.)
    (Wife of Oliver Cromwell King, daughter of Mary Shelton)
  5. EDNer (N is backwards) eArL/ KiNG (N is backwards) WAS BerN (N is backwards)/ Mar 11, 1917 DIeD/ SePT. 15 1917/ TAT. ReST
    (Stone is covered in cement and information was handwritten.)
    (Edna Earl King, daughter of John Wesley King and Mollie Bett Kerr/Carr. Edna’s death certificate lists her as b. 14 Apr 1917 and d. 16 Sept 1917.)
  6. POSSEY GOLD (possibly COLD)/ Dau. Of/ J.H. & V.S. CARR/ Born/ Dec. 23, 1885/ Died/ Oct. 13, 1894/ Age 8y, 9m, 20d/ Sleep Possey sleep/ while we weep.
    (footstone) P G (possibly C) C
    (Daughter of John Henry Kerr/Carr and Virginia Susan Munday)
  7. EDWARD M./ Son of/ J.H. & V.S. Kerr/ DIED/ Feb. 11, 1886/ AGED/ 6 Mos. 7 Days
    (Note: Edward’s stone puts his birth date 4 Aug 1885 and Possey’s is just a few months later. Edward’s stone was difficult to read. Researchers should be aware of these dates.)
    (Son of John Henry Kerr/Carr and Virginia Susan Munday)
  8. VIRGINIA/ Wife of/ J.H. CARR/ AUG 15, 1857/ MCH 16, 1909/ Sleep darling Sleep/ while your loving/ husband weeps.
    (Virginia Susan Munday m. John Henry Carr and is the daughter of Samuel D. Munday and Anna Maria Jones.)
  9. JOHN WESLEY/ Son of/ J.W. & M.B. KING/ FEB. 28, 1903/ NOV. 3, 1917/ He
  10. Whose love exceedes/ ours has taken home/ our child.
    (Son of John Wesley King and Mollie Bett Kerr/Carr)
  11. MARTHA M. CARR (DAVIS had originally been engraved, but later had been marked out and replaced with CARR.)/ Died/ AUG. 30, 1914/ AGE 62 YRS./Her life was beauty/ truth, goodness and/ love.
    (footstone) M. M. D.
    (Second wife of John Henry Kerr/Carr, mother of Alonzo A. Davis.)
  12. CHILD/ OF/ W.H.C. (Very small headstone.)
  13. FRED NELSON/ son of G.W. & H.L./ CARR/ JAN 4, 1915/ SEPT 18, 1917/ Budded on/ Earth to bloom/ in heaven.
    (Son of George Washington Carr and Hattie Lou Long.)


These additional graves are located her according to the sources indicated but were not found:

  • According to article 588, written by John E. King in the Person County Heritage Book, Vol , the following people are buried here:

    • Mollie Bett Kerr/Carr d. 20 Mar 1929

    • John Wesley King d. 21 Mar 1934

  • Hattie Lou Long Kerr/Carr is buried here according to her death certificate.

  • John Henry Kerr/Carr is buried here according to oral history and his death certificate.


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