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This page last updated on September 6, August 2005

Dudley S Burton Family Cemetery

This cemetery has not been located and therefore it has not been surveyed. This page is included as a result of an inquiry from Marci Johnson. The  information on this page is from the WPA Cemetery Survey and from Marci. If you have information about this cemetery or know its exact location, please post to the Person County Message Board or send me an email (link to email address at bottom).


This cemetery is listed on the WPA Cemetery Survey as #29, "Burton Family Cemetery."


Location: The WPA survey gives the location as: "NC Route 48, So. E. from Roxboro, N. C. 5 1/2 mi.,  right 1/4 mile." NC 48 is today the Oxford Road, US 158. A distance of 5.5 miles would put the cemetery in the area of the intersections of US158 and Dancy Day Rd (Secondary Road 1748) or Day Road (SR 1576).

Survey: Information based on WPA Survey, 1938.




  1. Dudley S Burton, born 3-30-1828, died 7-3-1905

  2. Elizabeth W Burton, born 8-28-1876, died 11-10-1916 (dau of Dudley & Esther Burton)

  3. Esther Burton, born 9-3-1840, died 6-26-1901 (wife of Dudley Burton)

  4. Jesse R Burton, born 5-20-1869, died 8-20-1905 (son of Dudley and Esther Burton)

Marci provided this information about this family. The parents of Dudley Burton were Polly Kates and John Burton. John was born in NC in 1782 and died in Roxboro, Person Co. in 1881. Polly was born in NC about 1807. Polly appears in on several censuses as Mary. They had 10 children and possibly 12. Prior to John's death, he & Polly lived with their son Dudley.

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