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This page last updated on 15 July 2004

Gales Cemetery
Location: 4885 Mt. Harmony Church Road in the Moriah community
Directions: This overgrown and unused cemetery is in the woods beyond the residence and, like all private cemeteries not readily accessible from the road, you should have prior permission before visiting. You will need a guide to find it.
Survey: June 25, 2004 by Ken Dalton and Becky Farlow
GPS Coordinates: 36 17 03.4 N  078 50 08.0 W


Only one tombstone was found during initial survey although others may be laying under leaves and underbrush. Numerous fieldstones and depressed areas were seen. Initial estimate of 60 graves. According to current resident, his father bought the farm from the Gales family around 1955. One burial occurred after that date. All others were prior to 1955.

The tombstone found was a double for twin brothers.

Lonnie GALES / Jan 12, 1931 / Apr 3, 1949 /
Donnie GALES / Jan 12, 1931 / Apr - 1931 /
Sons of / Lonnie & Lizzie / Gales /


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