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This page last updated on 2 July 2004

Brown-Hicks Day Cemetery
Location: One mile South of Brookland Methodist Church
Directions: East on US 158, Oxford Road, to Brookland Methodist Church on right. Continue on US 158 to Billy Hicks Road (SR 1704) on right. Follow Billy Hicks Road a short distance to a sharp bend to the right. Look for cemetery on the right side of the road just after the bend. (See the topo map. There is another cemetery shown on the left side of the road a short distance further.)
Topographic Map (I am guessing as to the location of this cemetery. See comments in directions above.)
Surveyed by
: Eliza and Jasper Whitfield
Survey Date: not noted.

(I did not find a WPA survey for this cemetery.)


Line 1

Marie W. Stone. Sept 11, 1901, May 27, 1969

Infant of Marie W. Stone and Ira Stone

Lilly May Stone. March 11, 1921, March 9, 1924

Line 2

William Brown and Wife

Katie Lewis Hicks Whitfield

James William Whitfield

Jim Dameron (spelling?) Whitfield

Line 3

Unmarked grave

Susan Rhew

Sarah Rhew Hicks. Oct. 15, 1837, Dec. 11, 1891 (spouse: David)

Nancy Rhew Gentry Painter

Fannie Hicks Yarbrough (spouse: Johnnie Yarbrough)

Johnnie Yarbrough (spouse: Fannie Hicks)

Line 4

Unmarked grave

Sallie Yarboro Adcock. Oct. 24, 1888, Jan. 14, 1957

M. A. Broach. 84 years (born 27 Oct 1820, thus died in 1904. Spouse: George A. Broach)

Line 5

Unmarked grave

Infant of L.T.Grene Painter. April 15, 1914, April 15, 1914.

Line 6

Unmarked grave

Line 7

Unmarked grave

Abie D. Morris. May 13, 1903, Nov 25, 1940.

Unmarked grave

Susan Yarbrough (daughter of Jim Ruffin Yarbrough)

Jim Ruffin Yarbrough

Line 8

Cornelia F. Morris. May 14, 1886, JUly 24, 1945 (wife of R. H. Morris)

Rubin H. Morris. May 19, 1869 (or is it 1969?), April 2, 1953.

Infant of Rosa Hicks and Luther Averett

Unmarked grave

Line 9

Sallie Suit Hicks. March 11, 1842 (wife of David A. Hicks)

David A. Hicks. Sept. 11, 1840, Dec 15, 1924

Infant daughter of Minnie Bell and Floyd Hicks, Sr.

Pheobe Lou Anna R. Hicks. Oct 19, 1876, March 2, 1949 (wife of W. A. Hicks)

William Archie Hicks. April 1, 1873, July 17, 1936

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