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Dick Long Family Cemetery
Location: Ceffo
Directions: Semora Road (NC 57) to Concord-Ceffo Road (SR 1340) at Concord. Right on Concord-Ceffo Road. Concord-Ceffo Road to McGees Mill Road (SR 1337). Cemetery is in the woods behind the house across McGees Mill Road from the stop sign at the Concord-Ceffo Road and McGees Mill Road intersection.
Survey by: Barry Whitfield, 2009

This graveyard is in a bad state of disrepair. It is over grown and many of the headstones are broken and lying on the ground. There may be some that are completely covered with leaves that I missed.

The WPA Survey, names this graveyard as the Dick Long Family Cemetery. However, some of the death certificates of those buried there, names the graveyard as The Jessie Rainie Cemetery and others The Long Cemetery.  Jessie owned the farm for a time, he was the son of Richard H. Long.   I believe this grave is on the farm of Richard H. Long.

A number of the people buried there are descendants of Richard H. Long:

William B Long (son)
Robert Davis Long (son)
Susan Dixon (daughter-in-law)
Green Jefferson Clayton (son-in-law)
Chestina T. Evans (granddaughter)
William M. Evans (grandson-in-law)
James T. Evans (great grandson)
Nora E. Evans (great granddaughter)
Myrtle Evans (great granddaughter)
R. L. King (grandson-in-law)
John M. Long (son)
Mary Fannie Dillihey (daughter-in-law)

Buried in graveyard

Based on Death Certificates:

Mary Fannie Dillihey wife of John M. Long, born 5 Feb 1849, Died 21 Apr 1922. Death certificate lists her place of burial as Jessie Long Family Cemt.

John M. Long son of Richard H. Long and Arrilla Mann, born 18 Dec 1849, Died 18 Sep 1928. Death certificate lists his place of burial as Long Burying Ground.

Based on the WPA Survey, no headstones found:

Clayton, M. W., 12- -1859, 6-20-1900
Clayton, Mary W. H., 10- 7-1883, ?
Clayton, Infant, No dates
Clayton, W. J., 8-16-1877, 4-1882
Duncan, Ethel C., 6-20-1910, 7-21-1912


Billey / Clayton / Born / Aug 2 1844 / Died / Apr 4 1914

E. C. (the WPA Survey has E. G., it may be G) Clayton / Was Bornd (sin) / July 7 1873 / And Died / Sept 11 1892 / _Mon _ Day (This Headstone is laying on the ground)

Green J. Clayton / CO. E / 35 N. C. Inf / C. S. A. (Green Jefferson Clayton; Son of John Draper Clayton; Husband of Elizabeth Margaret Long. She is buried at Stories Creek Cemetery with their son, Weldon Clayton.)

J M Claton (sin) / Was Born / June ______ / And Died / Dec ____ (The WPA Survey 6-11-1868, 12- 6-1891)

Martha (WPA survey has J after Martha) / Wife Of / W. H. Clayton / Was Bornd (sin) / April 2 1842 / Died Jan / 25 1882 / Age 39 Year / 9 Mo Old (Martha was the daughter of Matthew Long and Barbara Satterfield; wife of William Clayton)

WOODMEN OF THE WORLD / DUM TACET CLAMAT / MEMORIAL / JAMES T EVANS / FEB. 29, 1903 / MAY 19, 1928 (Son of William M. Evans and Chestina Long. This Headstone is lying on the ground)

Nora E / Dau. Of / W. M. & C. T. / Evans / Feb. 21, 1900 / Apr. 9, 1914 / Gone but not forgotten (Daughter of William M. Evans and Chestina Long)

Myrtle / Dau of / W M & Chestina / Evans / May 16, 1895 / Oct 10, 1918 (Daughter of William M. Evans and Chestina Long. This Headstone is lying on the ground)

Robert Davis Long / Oct. 18, 1861 / Jan. 4, 1928 / Died trusting in the Lord / he is sleeping but not dead / Oh how sweet (Robert was the son of Richard H. Long and Arrilla Mann; Husband of Susan Green Dixon; Robert owned McGee’s Mill)

Thomas Bass / Long / 1912-1933

William B. Long / CO. E, / 35 N.C. INF / C.S.A. (Son of Richard H. Long and Arrilla Mann)

R. L. / King/ Born Se / p. 19 1889 / Died Au / g 13 1908 (Robb L. King husband of Corinna Long)

Camiel E. Long / Wife Of / Moses Roberson / Born / Sept 29, 1852 / Died / Apr. 24, 1907 / _____ dear mother ____ (Daughter of Matthew Long and Barbara Satterfield)

Evans / William M. / (24 Jun) 1861 – (6 Mar) 1938 / His Wife / Chestina T. / (27 Dec) 1866 – (23 Dec 1946) (Chestina was the daughter of James T. Long and Elizabeth Clayton. This Headstone is lying on the ground)

Long / Matthew Long / 1810 – 1889 / His Wife / Barbara Green / Satterfield / 1812 – 1884 / Erected By / Long and Clayton / Reunion / Association. 1945

Susan Dixon / Wife of / R. D. Long / Dec. 31, 1856 / Apr. 24, 1943 / At rest (Wife of Robert Davis Long; Daughter of Samuel A. Dixon and Elizabeth Duncan; Her parents and several sisters are buried in the Dixon Family Cemetery about a mile from this graveyard.)

Child / of / W H C

There several graves marked with fieldstones.

There was one headstone that was unreadable.

There was one grave marked with the funeral home marker that was unreadable.


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The approximate location of this cemetery is marked on this map by the red block.
This location is a guess on may part since my last visit to this cemetery was many
years ago. The cemetery is on private property, so you will need to get permission
to visit and can get specific directions then.

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