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This page last updated on April 11, 2006

Col. John L. Harris Cemetery
Location: 6516 Dirgie Mine Road ( SR 1542)
From Roxboro, take Old Allensville Road (SR 1542) straight through Allensville onto Dirgie Mine Road.
Deep within private property. Accessible with 4-wheel drive in dry weather.
April 2006 by Ken and Becky Dalton
36 27 42.6 N 078 49 11.8 W
Thanks to Woody Jones and Linda Clements who guided us in to this cemetery


There are 10 or more graves marked by fieldstone and/or depression in a large periwinkle covered area but only one tombstone.

Col Jno L HARRIS / 24 NC T / July 25, 1828 / Nov 22, 1874 / He lived for his country / (fs) JLH / (See Person County Heritage, Volume 1, page 14 for information about Col Harris.)

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