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This page last updated on January 6, 2009

"Deep Creek" John Bumpass Sr. Cemetery
Location: Old Allensville Road at Ruff Davis Road
Directions: US 501 South (South Main Street) to left turn on US 158 (Oxford Road) then under railroad track and to a left turn on Allensville Road (SR 1542). At next intersection, bear right on Old Allensville Road (still SR 1542); road to the left is the Allensville Road. Cemetery is at the next intersection where Ruff Davis Road is on the left and Reuben Allen Road is on the right. The cemetery is on the right side of Old Allensville Road just before this intersection. See map at the bottom of this page for exact location.
Access: This cemetery is adjacent to the highway and is owned by the Person County Historical Society.
Survey:  Front part of cemtery: Ernest Blalock in 1997. Four graves in back by Ken Dalton and Becky Farlow in 2005.
GPS: 36 22 30.3 N 078 56 37.4 W

Note: This cemetery is owned and preserved by the Person County Historical Society. In Person County Heritage Vol 1, this is Family # 416, #417 and #705. Other indexed references to the people buried here are too numerous to list, as the Bumpass and Pearce families have ties to many Person County families. The Heritage series is available for research in the history room of the Person County Library and is for sale at the office of the Person County Historical Society.


All data for the following graves is on one tall 4-sided marker.

  1.  BUMPASS, Anne, 1765 - 1839

  2. BUMPASS, Anne (?), no dates, w/o John Bumpass Sr.

  3. BUMPASS, Frances, 1836 - 1860

  4. BUMPASS, Gabriel, died 1846

  5. BUMPASS, John Sr, 1725 - 1812, h/o Anne ("Fighting John." See Heritage of Person County, Volume I, Article 416 for additional information.)

  6. BUMPASS, John Jr, 1766 - 1855, h/o 1. Ann Tapp, 2. Nancy Roundtree ("Deep Creek" John Bumpass.See Heritage of Person County, Volume I, Article 417 for additional information.)

  7. BUMPASS, Margaret S 1837 - 1858, w/o John W Pearce

  8. BUMPASS, Robert, 1705 - 1798

  9. PEARCE, John H, 1856 - 1857, infant s/o John W & Margaret Bumpass Pearce

  10. ROUNDTREE, Nancy, no dates, 2nd w/o John Bumpass Jr.

  11. TAPP, Ann, 1788 - 1825, 1st w/o John Bumpass Jr.

(Added January 6, 2009 - - An observation: Usually the surveys on this web site document the existence of individual or family tombstones and thus it is valid to assume that the grave is actually there. In the case of the large stone above, eleven names are included on the stone. It may be reasonable to question whether each of the individuals listed on the large stone is actually buried in this cemetery. For example, one researcher indicates that Gabriel Bumpass died in Mississippi - in 1846. If that is the case, it would seem doubtful that he was buried in Person County. Please share any research that sheds light on this question and it can be added here. Link to email address is at the bottom of this page.)

The following stones are near the back of the periwinkle area. This is exact wording on stones. There are also several fieldstone marked graves.

1. Frances / wife of / Francis M BUMPASS / Born Oct 4, 1836 / Died Jan 14, 1860 / Age 23 years 3 months /

2. Sacred / To the memory of / John H / son of / JW & MS PEARCE / Died / Jan 24, 1857 / Aged 1 YR 6 MO 10 Days /

3. Sacred / to the memory of / Margaret S / wife of / John W PEARCE / Born / Jun 8, 1837(?) / Died / Sept 10, 1858 / (broken stone)

4. Sacred / to the memory of / John BUMPASS / Born / Feb 26, 1766 / Died / Jun 25, 1855 / Aged 89 Ys 4 Ms /


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The lot marked in red is the cemetery.

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