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This page last updated on April 11, 2006

Cameron Person County Slave Cemetery
Location: mile from the South Flat River between Dick Holeman Road (SR 1123) and Ned Moore Road (SR 1125)
From Roxboro, take 501S to Timberlake. Turn right on Dick Holeman Road then left on Ned Moore Road. Cemetery is mile into woods just north of where the river crosses Ned Moore Road.
Deep within private property. Deep within woods. Prior permission of owner and guidance is needed to visit this cemetery.
Oct-Dec 2005
36 15 52.4 N 078 58 003.8 W
Duncan Cameron never lived in Person Co but his landholdings here may have exceeded 8000 acres. 6500 acres lay along the bottomland of the south and north branches of the Flat River. To find out more about the Cameron family visit the web site for Historic Stagville.


At this point, no carved tombstones have been found.

One unreadable metal funeral home marker was found. It is thought to be the last burial there, maybe around 1956. The research on death certificates has not been done yet.

About 200 burials are marked by fieldstones. Some have deeper depressions than others.

Another 200 have obvious depressions but no (as yet discovered) fieldstones.

Finally, shallow depressions, spaces that appear level in line with obvious grave rows, and other areas that appear to contain burials could number from 200 to 1000. This surveyer cannot say with any certainty and would hope that the wonderful research being done by the Stagville Center, using Dr Sydney Nathans' Cameron slave database, will eventually answer this question.

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