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The WPA survey for this cemtery is posted HERE.

Younger Cemetery

Location: Corner of Chub Lake & Younger Road
Directions: From Roxboro, take Chub Lake Rd to Younger Road on the left. Cemetery is in yard at this intersection.
Access: On private property but readily accessible from the road.
GPS: 36 24 31.8N 078 59 43.8W
Notes: This cemetery is a match with WPA #231
Survey: Completed by Rebecca Hessee and Amy Ralston June 2007


HARRISON (Double stone)
1. William Franklin/Nov 29 1919/Dec 12 1998/ (fs) Poot (2nd fs) William Franklin HARRISON/ Col US Air Force/ World War II/Nov 29 1919 Dec 12 1998
2. Betty Stark/June 9 1923 / blank (fs) Wife-Mother

3. Leslie C HARRISON/ Feb 27 1955/ Dec 19 2001

4. Emma MONTAGUE/ Wife of/ J T BLANKS/ Aug 1 1874/ Mar 3 1936/ (fs) E M B

5. J T BLANKS/ Jan 13 1858/ Apr 8 1944/ To know him was to/ love him/ (fs) JTB

6. Theadosia E YOUNGER/ Wife of J T BLANKS/ Apr 3 1859/ Jan 4 1918/ None knew her but to love her/ None named her but to praise her / (fs) TEY

7. Gordon Douglas BROWN/ September 10 1912/ September 11 1985

8. Helen Dorton BROWN/ February 9 1915/ July 29 1994

9. At Rest/ James T/ son of/ JT & T E BLANKS/ June 16 1892/ Feb 6 1907/ (unreadable by surveyor) (Grave is surrounded by wrought iron fence)

10. In my Father’s house( unreadable by surveyor)/ Margaret S/ Wife of/ R K DANIEL/ Born/ Feb 13 1869/ Died/ Aug 11 1896

11. Wallis R/ Son of/ WT & VB DANIEL/ Born/ Dec 5 1887/ Died/ July 2 1889/ Of such is thee/ Kingdom of God

12. Josephus YOUNGER/ July 7 1821/ Mch 11 1902/ (unreadable by surveyor)/ (fs) J Y (See notes below.)

13. Eliza Jane/ Daughter of/ Josephus & Jane YOUNGER/ Born Jan 1 1849/ Died April 25 1893/ Age 44 yrs 3 mos/ & 24 days/ Farewell dear, but not forever/ There will be a glorious dawn/ We shall meet to part no more/ On the resurrection morn/ In thy darling form lies sleeping/ In the gold and silent tomb/ Thou shalt have a glorious waking/ When the blessed Lord doth come/ (fs) E J Y

14. Jane A / LOCKETT/ Wife of Josephus YOUNGER/ Married / Sept 20 1845/ Died/ July 23 1897/ Aged 72 yr 4m &26 ds/ Our precious mother from us gone/ Her voice we loved, stilled/ Her place is vacant in our home/ Which can never be filled/ God in his wisdom has recalled/ The ____ his love had given/ And though the body lumbers here/ The soul safe in Heaven/ (fs) JAY

HUMPRIES (Double Stone)
15. McDonal HUMPRIES/ Born Dec 12 1821/ Died Jan 18 1912/ (fs) McD H
16. Sarah Ann HUMPRIES/ Born Nov 6 1831 /(no death info)/ They lived together/ 57 yrs/ Death is the crown of life

17. Stone crypt about 3 ft high. No info

18. Lucy T YOUNGER/ wife of/ W R MOORE/ Born Aug 18 1862/ Died May 6 1882/ Weep not loved one for me/ For I am waiting in Glory for thee/ (fs) LTY

19. W R MOORE/ Born/ Aug 21 1861/ Died Nov 14 1886 / I am the resurrection and/ the life/ (fs) WRM

20. Malinda/ Sister of/ Josephus YOUNGER/ Born 1814 / Died June 27 1898 / Aged 84 yrs/ A devoted Christain for Sixty-six/ years of her life/ The tols of life are past / labor and sorrow cease/ life’s long war fair closed at last/ The soul is found in peace/ Her spirit shines from yonder shore/ and whispers softly weep no more/ The echo says I am now at rest/ In Heaven up on my saviors breast/ (fs) MY

There are 22 graves marked by a cross and foot stone.


(The following statement is believed to be true. If you can either substantiate or refute the statement, please let me know. Ed.)
The former home of Josephus Younger still stands across Chub Lake Road from this cemetery at 1050 Chub Lake Road. The cemetery itself is adjacent to Chub Lake Road and in the front yard of the house at 1055 Chub Lake Road. The house at 1055 Chub Lake Road was several decades ago the home of Thomas Owen Pass, Sr.(b:11 Dec 1896, d:25 Sep 1977), a grandson of Josephus Younger.

The Heritage of Person County, Volume I, Madeline Hall Eaker, Editor (1981) at 344 (Article #696 "John Pass" by J. Garland Pass, Jr.).

The Heritage of Person County, Volume I, Madeline Hall Eaker, Editor (1981) at 344-345 (Article #697 "Pass Descendants" by J. Garland Pass, Jr.).

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