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This page last updated on May 19, 2008

Burchwood Cemetery

The objective is to have a complete inventory of every grave in Burchwood Cemetery. That will take some time, but we are making progress. Meanwhile, the "plot index" will help you find the grave you are looking for! Here's how:

  • Find the "section number" and "plot number" for the owner of the lot of interest using the Burchwood Cemetery Plot Index.

  • Then open the correct "section" map below and once the map opens find the "plot" corresponding to the plot number from the index. (These maps are "pdf" files and thus require Adobe Reader on your computer. The files are large and will take several minutes to download on a dialup connection. See details below.)

A few details

These maps are the first step in doing a survey of this cemetery. The maps identify each plot in the original cemetery; the maps do not identify individual graves. However, if you know the general location of a grave within the cemetery, these maps may help you to locate the grave.

Note that this maps are in pdf format. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to display these maps. If the links below do not work for you, most likely you do not have the Adobe Reader installed. (The reader is available from

The pdf files are large, ranging in size from 200KB to 350KB. If you are on a dial up connection they will take a while to download. (The pdf files were produced with scans at 100 dpi. I tried lower resolutions that would have made the files smaller, but the results were not usable.)

Please send feedback to let me know if you find these maps useful. The link at the bottom of the page will take you to my email address.

Using these maps: First look at the "Section Map" to understand how the sections are numbered. The sections are numbered from side to side and from front to back. Thus the odd numbered sections are on the left side of the drive; the even numbered sections are on the right side of the drive. The sections are my invention in order to have a way to get a very large map on the web in a manner that you can use.

State TreasureS, Meridian monuments in Person County
See this report for an explanation of a pair of interesting stones in Burchwood Cemetery. (Backup copy of the report located here.)

Topographic Map
GPS Coordinates: 36 22' 15"N, 78 58' 50"W (WGS84/NAD83)

Originally developed by the City of Roxboro and still maintained by the city. Recently merged with the adjacent "Burchwood Annex" cemetery. Shown in Register of Deeds Plat Book 1 - 126, 127(1), and 127(2), 1887. This is the largest cemetery in Person County.
Location: 362214N 0785852W

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The gate at Burchwood Cemetery.

burchwood_foushee.jpg (15931 bytes)

A. R. Foushee monument at dusk.

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