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This page last updated on 19 July 2007

Person County Cemeteries
The table below provides links to various information about Person County Cemeteries. If this is all new to you, select #1 and click on "Cemetery Surveys." If you are interested in helping with cemetery surveys, click #2.
1 Cemetery Surveys Find graves, names, and dates

This link takes you to a page that provides a list of cemeteries for which detailed surveys have been done. Surveys provide names and dates for each grave in these cemeteries.

2 Help with Cemetery Surveys (Guidelines) Your help is needed to survey Person County cemeteries!

This link takes you to a page that provides some tips about how to survey cemeteries. If you can help, please read this information.

3 Cemetery Names Find cemetery names and locations

This link takes you to a page that provides a "master list" of the cemeteries in Person County. (Thus this takes you to a list of cemeteries, not to a list of graves.) The goal for this list is that it include the name of every cemetery in Person County.

Cemeteries in this list are gleaned from a variety of sources - plats in the Register of Deeds Office, Heritage of Person County Volumes, neighborhood knowledge of old cemeteries, and others.

4 WPA Cemetery Names Find old cemeteries, cemetery names and locations

The WPA cemetery survey is the single best resourse for older cemeteries. This link takes you to a page that provides the names and locations of each of several hunderd cemeteries included in the WPA survey.

5 Cemetery Survey - Person County Historical Society Detail surveys done in the 1970s.

The Person County Historical Society coordinated cemetery surveys in the 1970s. The results are available in two places. The original surveys are stored and thus available at the Society office in the Person County Senior Center in Roxboro. The results were also typed on 3 x 5 cards and that file is available at the Person County Register of Deeds office. (The file at ROD is not stored in the documents room, so you will have to ask for it.) I have obtained a copy of these surveys (about 700 pages total!) and am now in the process of determining what to do with them! For now these surveys should serve as useful backup to the various other lists shown on this page. Many of Ernest Blalock's surveys show up here. If you have specific questions about these surveys, send me an email.

6 USGS Cemetery List Find cemetery names and GPS coordinates from maps

Topographic maps include cemeteries. This link takes you to a list of cemeteries that appear on topographic maps for Person County.

7 Ernest Blalock's Cemetery Names Ernest Blalock has surveyed many Person County cemeteries. In the process, he listed the names of many Person County cemeteries. This link will take you to that list.
8 Links Links to Internet resources about Gravestones and Cemeteries ...

Association for Gravestone Studies - This organization has useful information about grave stones.

Saving Graves

9 Cemeteries owned by the Person County Historical Society In order to insure the care of cemeteries and to make access available, the Society has been deeded several cemeteries by the famlies who prevously owned them.


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