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This page last updated on 26 July 2004

Ernest Blalock Cemetery List


The cemetery list below is from W. Ernest Blalock who has done surveys of many Person County cemeteries. The first column below is from Blalock's list. I have added the second column to indicate the status of each cemetery on these web pages. A "Yes" indicates that the cemetery is already listed here. The third column, labeled "Comments," provides a place to add notes and comments.

I have just started my own review of this cemetery list. I note many matches with cemeteries for which we already have surveys, but I have not had time to mark all of them in this list. You can help by helping to identify each of these cemeteries. Email me the location of any that you can identify; a link to my email address can be found at the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance for your help.

The great news is that Ernest also gave me copies of his surveys for many of these cemeteries. I will add them to the site as I have time.


Blalock’s Description



Adcock. Carl, Cemetery on his farm, 5 miles from Allensville Church    
Allen, Bartlett Yancey Family Cemetery, Bushy Fork Community, Highway 49    
Allens Chapel Cemetery, Allens Church Road State Road 1331    
Allensville Methodist Church Cemetery, Allensville Road, 6 miles E of Roxboro, Road 1536    
Bailey Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, Road 1326, 2 miles north, near Hyco on east    
Bailey Family Cemetery, Allens Chapel Church Road, Road 1331, Woodsdale Township    
Barnett, Dr. Currie Cemetery, Garland Pass Land, Cunningham Township, 200 yards of overpass CP&L Coal Line & McGees Mill Rd    
Barnette Family Cemetery, 1/4 miles north of Hagars Mountain    
Barnette Family Cemetery, Shiloh Church Road 1322, 1/2 mile from Woodsdale,North 300 yds    
Beaver & Isiah Gentry Cemetery, highway 49 north of Roxboro. 350 feet off highway    
Bethany Bapt Ch Cemetery, SE corner Person Co at Moriah crossroads    
Arbert Blalock Cemetery, highway 49 South at Hassell Horton Road in trees in pasture    
Old Barnett Blalock Cemetery, on County Line Road, off 501. Rougemont    
Old Blalock Cemetery, off 157 on Poindexter Road, near Hurdle Mills    
Blalock-Garrett Cemetery, 158 E of Roxboro, left in pasture high off highway    
Green Blalock Cemetery, Huff & Jones Store Road behind the house    
Blalock-Huff Family Cemetery, Huff Road & Jones Store Road behind the house    
Luell Blalock-Sneed-Timberlake Cemetery. Andrews Road, on left of highway    
Blalock-Mooney Cemetery, on left side in curve of 158 E near Surl    
Sam Blalock Cemetery, on Andrews Road off 501 on right side of road    
Bradsher Cemetery, Roseville-Hesters Store Road, near Horace Hester's home    
Bradsher Family Cemetery, off highway 49 south on Road to Salem Church    
Briggs Family Cemetery, off highway 49 S near Bushy Fork across from Long's store, beyond Melvin Long's home, on Jim Morton Rd    
Broach Cemetery, off Gordonton Road from Gordonton to Hester's Store, on left about 1/2 miles near Salem Church    
Brooks Family Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, Road 1326, south side of Woodsdale    
Brooksdale Family Cemetery, Roxboro Township    
Bumpass Cemeteries, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, at various places    
Carter Family Cemetery, Woodsdale Road 1 miles South of Woodsdale, west side of road    
Carver Family Cemetery, City Lake, off road from City Lake to Ceffo    
Carver, Rial, Family Cemetery, off old 144    
Cates Family Cemetery, Whitfield Road, SR 1720, 11.2 miles east of Roxboro    
Cemetery on Mrs. Callie Brooks Moore's farm, on Mt Harmony Ch Rd    
Cemetery at City Lake    
Cemetery on Floyd Woody's farm, 7 miles from Roxboro off 501 south    
Chambers Cemetery, Weldon Painter Road, Timberlake, NC    
Chandler Family Cemetery, Johnny Jones Road, off 158 E near Surl    
Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery    
Clayton Cemetery (Old Blalock Cemetery), Poindexter Road, near Hurdle Mills    
Clayton Cemetery, 6 miles E of Roxboro, off old Allensville Road on Gentry farm    
Clayton Family Cemetery, Five Forks, near City Lake, Roxboro Township    
Clayton Family Cemetery, June Clayton Homeplace, Rte 1, Roxboro Township    
Clayton Family Cemetery, near Mt Tirzah    
Clayton, Sol Family Cemetery, off highway 57 near Old Dickens Store Yes End of Flem Clayton Road
Clayton-Long Cemetery, off old 144 near Whittown Yes  
Clayton & Yarborough Cemetery, located Jack Brann Road & Old Allensville Rd Yes  
Concord Methodist Church Cemetery, located on highway 57, Olive Hill Township    
Coleman Family Cemetery, on Wheelers Ch Road, behind E. P. Warren's packbarn    
Cozart Cemetery, 7 miles south of Roxboro. Antioch Church Road, 1/4 miles from Antioch Church on J. B. Wilson's farm    
Crumpton Family Cemetery, Allensville Road #1536, Allensville Township    
Cunningham Family Cemetery, located Waverly Plantation, near Semora    
Currin Family Cemetery, 1/4 miles off highway 158 next to Granville Co. Line    
Daniel, Miss Bessie, Family Cemetery, Bessie Daniel Rd    
Daniel's Cemetery, near Hurdle Mills School, off Hawkins Look, SR 1113    
Davies-Wheeley Family Cemetery, (in edge of Orange Co, off Wilkerson Road near crossroad with Hurdle Mills Road near big tower).    
Dean, Roland, Cook Family Cemetery, highway 158 east on Willie A Garrett farm    
Denny Family Cemetery, 1 miles on left of highway 158, 15 miles east of Roxboro    
Denny Family Cemetery, left side of Dennys Store Road, near Granville Co. line    
Dillihay Family Cemetery, Highway 49, north 5 miles from Roxboro, Walker farm    
Dixon Family Cemetery, Chub Lake to Ceffo Road, Woodsdale Township Yes Samuel A. Dixon Cemetery
Duncan Family Cemetery, Chub Lake to Ceffo Road, Woodsdale Township    
Duncan, J. W. Family Cemetery, 1 miles N of highway, E of Roxboro on John Moore Road on Charlie Miller farm    
Dunn Cemetery, located on Providence Rd    
Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Ch Cemetery, near Leasburg off highway 158, off    
Ralph Winstead Road turn right on John Pleasant Road, at end of road    
Ephesus Church Cemetery, beyond McGee's Mill, Cunningham Township    
Flat River Primitive Baptist Ch Cemetery, off 501 on Flat River Church Road at Bessie Daniel Road    
Foard Family Burial Ground, northern parts of Person County    
Foushee Family Cemetery, Rollings Hills Road, SR 1166 on Thad Wilkerson land    
Fox Family Cemetery, off highway 158 to Roseville, Olive Hill Township    
Franklin Cemetery, near Cunningham R. R. Station    
Gentry Cemetery, Earl Gentry farm    
Gentry, Wyatt, Family Cemetery, Halifax Road, SR 1521    
Glenn Family Cemetery, off 49 on left, Roxboro Township    
Gordonton Family Cemetery. turn left off highway 49 south on left at J. C. Moize's, Ralph Winstead Road, SR 1102    
Gravitte, Drewry, Family Cemetery, at old homeplace on Parham Road, SR 1547    
Haggers Mountain Cemetery, north slope of mountain    
Harris Cemetery, Olive Hill Township, off highway leading to Lamberth Memorial Church Yes  
Harris Family Cemetery, A. J. Harris homeplace    
Harris, John, Family Cemetery, across from City Lake bridge    
Hester, Jack Family Cemetery, off Leasburg Rd    
Hester Family Cemetery, near Hester's Store    
Hester's Grove Ch Cemetery, Wheelers Ch Road, just off highway 49 at Gordonton    
Huff, John A., Family Cemetery, 13 miles east of Roxboro, on Lonnie Gentry Rd, SR 1565 1 miles on right    
Hyco Zion Baptist Church Cemetery   Concord Church Road
Indian Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, N 1/2 mi, W 1/2 miles near Marlowes Creek    
Jackson Cemetery, 1 1/2 miles on 158 west    
Jay Family Cemetery, 1 miles north old Bushy Fork Store    
Jones Cemetery, near Earl Johnson home, Ed Robinson Road, E 3/4 mile, S 1/4 mile    
Jones Family Cemetery on Clay Long Road near 501 near Mt Zion United Methodist Church    
Lawson Cemetery, between Flem Long Store & Lake Hyco    
Lawson Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery    
Long Cemetery, Chub Lake Road, E ca 1/4 mile near Theresa Baptist Church    
Long Family Cemetery, Ceffo, Cunningham Township    
Long Family Cemetery, Charlie Long Road, near Bushy Fork    
Longhurst Cemetery, Providence Road    
Lunsford Family Cemetery, near Thomas Store    
Malone Family Cemetery. at Gordonton, on Wheelers Church Road on left behind barns    
Mill Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Mill Creek Road, SR 1520    
Mitchell Cemetery, Halifax Road, SR 1521    
Montague, TJ & Emily, Fain Cemetery, Home Cemetery    
Mooney-Blalock Family Cemetery, highway 158, 5 miles east of Roxboro near Surl    
Moore, Stephen Family Cemetery, Mt Tirzah-Surl Road, Ben Reade home, SR 1717    
Moore, Alvis, Home Cemetery, Paynes Tavern Community    
Mt Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery    
Mt Harmony Baptist Ch Cemetery, Mt Harmony Ch Road, 11.3 miles SE of Roxboro    
Mt Tirzah United Methodist Church Cemetery, on Mt Tirzah-Surl Road, at Mt Tirzah    
Neal Family Cemetery    
Newton, Brooks, Clayton Cemetery, off Hester Store to Roseville Road, behind the home of Mrs. Cornia Gass    
Norris Family Cemetery, on Norris Road, SR 1001, near Hurdle Mills    
Oakley, Zack, Family Cemetery, on Archie Clayton Road, Ceffo, Cunningham Township    
Oakley, J. W. Family Cemetery, Route 1, Roxboro    
Oakley Family Cemetery, Five Forks, off Chub Lake Road to City Lake    
Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, near Chub Lake    
O'Briant, Alexander Family Cemetery, near Roseville-Hester Store Road    
O'Briant Family Cemetery, Old Allensville Road to Surl, SR 1542    
O'Briant Family Cemetery, Tom Bowes Road, SR 1173, Gordonton, off highway 49    
Snipes Family Cemetery, Olive Hill Township, 1/2 miles from end of Yarbrough Road, SR 1167 dead end road on Yarbrough farm near Double Creek    
Olive Hill Branch Church Cemetery    
Painter, Alex, Family Cemetery, Olive Hill Township off highway 57 Yes Painter-Bowes Cemetery
Painter Cemetery, Dink Ashley Road, Timberlake, NC    
Paul-Bowes Cemetery, off Country Club Drive between Barnetts Pond & Woodsdale, most of the Cemetery is up the hill back from the highway    
Phelps Family Cemetery, SR 1100, Jones Road, near Wheelers P B Church    
Phillips Family Cemetery, 1/2 mile west of Jones Cemetery on Jones Rd    
Pointer-William, Family Cemetery, off road to CP&L plant    
Pool Family Cemetery, near Virgilina, VA    
Pool & Thomas Cemetery, located on highway 49, North of Roxboro, ca 1 miles on left    
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery, Virgilina Road, Roxboro    
Pulliam Cemetery, road from Ceffo to City Lake    
Ragland Cemetery, Charlie Lawson farm    
Ramsey Family Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, SR 1326, south side of Woodsdale    
Reade, Washington, Family Cemetery, Charlie Reade Road, Mt. Tirzah Township, SR 1746    
Riggs Family Cemetery, Jones Road, SR 1100, near Wheelers Church    
Wallace. Robert, Family Cemetery, 1/2 mile east of Aldridge Creek    
Robertson Family Cemetery, Old Woodsdale Methodist Church site, Woodsdale Road north    
Robertson-Rogers Family Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, SR 1326, north 1 1/2 miles, old Rogers Cemetery in woods back of cemetery near old homestead    
Rock Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Allensville Road, Roxboro    
Rogers Family Cemetery, highway 158, 6 miles west of Roxboro Yes Rogers-Stephens Cemetery
Rogers, John C, Cemetery, near Virginia State Line, near site of Indian School   Moved to Bethel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Roland, Cook. Dean Family Cemetery, highway 158 east on Willie A Garrett farm, 1/4 mile south of highway    
Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, off highway 49 south    
Satterfield Family Cemetery. back of J O Bradshers home, off highway 49 south    
Scoggin Family Cemetery, off Roseville-Hesters Store Road on the Reg Warren farm across the branch in the woods on hill from house site    
Scott Family Cemetery, off road from Cunningham to Semora    
Seate-Smith Family Cemetery, highway 49 north, 12 miles on W J Stigall farm    
Shiloh Church Cemetery, Shiloh Ch Road, SR 1322, Woodsdale    
Shotwell, Al, Family Cemetery, located Cox Road, 4 miles North of Roxboro, Highway 501    
Slaughter Farm Slave Cemetery, Dennys Store Road on Rachel Slaughter Place    
Snipes Family Cemetery, Olive Hill Township, 1/2 miles from end of SR 1167 dead end road on Yarbrough farm near Double Creek    
Snipes Family new Cemetery, off Roseville-Hester Store Road, right Lea Snipes    
Snipes Family old Cemetery, about 40-50 slaves buried here    
Stanfield Family Cemetery, highway 158, Roxboro Township    
Stanford Family Cemetery. MT Tirzah-Surl Road, Mt Tirzah, Talmage Perkins farm    
Stone Cemetery, Olive Hill Township, beyond Painter Cemetery    
Stories Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. Stories Creek Church Road at Chub Lake Road    
Street Family Cemetery, highway 49 north, 6 miles from Roxboro    
Surl Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, 158 East at Molly Mooney Road & Mt Tirzah-Surl Road    
Tapp Family Cemetery, Across highway 49 south, Roxboro    
Terrill Family Cemetery, Cunningham Township, near Waverly Plantation    
Thaxton, Dameron Family Cemetery, SR 1723, 12.5 miles from Roxboro    
Theresa Baptist Church Cemetery. Woodsdale Township on Chub Lake Rd    
Thomas Cemetery, SR 1159. off highway 49 S Olive Hill Township, near Roseville    
Tillman Family Cemetery, near City Lake, Roxboro Yes  
Tingen. J W Family Cemetery, 3 miles east of Roxboro, north side of highway 158    
Trimm Family Cemetery. near Mt Zion, 1 miles east of Mithos Church, SR 1133    
Vanhook Family Cemetery, Winstead Development Road, near Roseville    
Walker, Buck, Family Cemetery, 6 miles north of Roxboro, 500 ft west of highway 501    
Walker Cemetery, located on Clay Road, SR 1524    
Walker Cemetery, on highway 49 South, behind Solomon house, in pine patch    
Walker Family Cemetery, SR 1322, east ca 1 mile, north side of road    
Wallace Cemetery    
Walters Family Cemetery, go past Ruth Davis Store    
Welch Family Cemetery, SR 1720, ca 11 miles east of Roxboro    
Wells Family Cemetery, Flem Wells farm on road from Cunningham to Semora    
Westbrook, James O, Family Cemetery, highway 158, Roxboro Township    
Wheelers Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Gordonton, Wheelers Ch Road & Jones Rd    
Whitfield Family Cemetery, Roseville-Hesters Store Road, Flem Whitfield farm    
Whitfield Family Cemetery. Rolling Hills Road, SR 1166. 1 mile N Bushy Fork, on Pointer-Long line, dead end road    
Wiley, W. W. Family Cemetery    
Wiley, John Thomas Family Cemetery    
Wilkerson Family Cemetery, 2 miles south of Virgilina. VA 1 m west of highway 49    
Woods Family Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, SR 1326 south side of Woodsdale    
Woods Family Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, SR 1326 1 1/2 miles east 1/2 mile    
Woodsdale Methodist Church Site Cemetery, Woodsdale Road, N E side near Woodsdale    
Woody Cemetery, Bethel Hill   Located just past the Bethel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Wrenn Cemetery, located between Lamberth Memorial Baptist Church & James Winstead's on the right    
Wrenn Family Cemetery, near Warren's Grove Church, Wesleyan Road    
Yarbrough Cemetery, Old Allensville Road, 6 miles east of Roxboro, SR 1542    
Zion Level Baptist Church Cemetery    


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