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This page last updated on 26 July 2004.

Person County Cemeteries on USGS Maps


The list below was created by doing a search at the USGS National Mapping Information site. Try it yourself. You can create a list like this for any county in the US. The search parameters that I used were:

State = North Carolina
Feature Type = cemetery
County = Person

Remember that this list includes only those cemeteries appearing on USGS maps. Please let me know if you find this useful. Thanks to Yvonne for suggesting this addition.


Feature Name Lattitude
USGS 7.5' Map
Allen Family Cemetery 362818N 0785716W Roxboro
Allens Chapel Church Cemetery 362821N 0785717W Roxboro
Allensville Methodist Church Cemetery 362327N 0785311W Roxboro
Baileys Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery 363043N 0785804W Cluster Springs
Bethel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery 363054N 0785427W Cluster Springs
Brookland Church Cemetery 362138N 0785724W Timberlake
Burchwood Cemetery 362214N 0785852W Timberlake
Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 363145N 0790644W Alton
Clement Cemetery 361803N 0790600W Hurdle Mills
Concord Methodist Church Cemetery 362646N 0790404W Olive Hill
Cunningham Cemetery 363222N 0790441W Alton
Ebenezer Church Cemetery 362323N 0790752W Leasburg
Ephesus Cemetery 363207N 0790124W Alton
Flat River Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery 362026N 0785926W Timberlake
Lamberth Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery 362431N 0790341W Olive Hill
Lawson Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery 362619N 0785322W Roxboro
Mill Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 362715N 0785422W Roxboro
Montague Cemetery 363048N 0785443W Cluster Springs
Mount Harmony Cemetery 361914N 0785146W Moriah
Mount Tirzah United Methodist Cemetery 361653N 0785420W Timberlake
Mount Zion United Methodist Cemetery 361812N 0790135W Hurdle Mills
Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery 362746N 0790108W Olive Hill
Olive Branch Cemetery 362825N 0784932W Triple Springs
Person Memorial Cemetery 362058N 0785916W Timberlake
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery 362455N 0785706W Roxboro
Ragland Cemetery 363227N 0784906W Virgilina
Rock Grove Cemetery 362344N 0785534W Roxboro
Rogers Cemetery 363154N 0785105W Virgilina
Salem Methodist Church Cemetery 361807N 0790733W Ridgeville
Shepherd Cemetery 363147N 0785129W Virgilina
Shiloh Church Cemetery 362934N 0785517W Roxboro
Stories Creek Church Cemetery 362530N 0790014W Olive Hill
Surl Church Cemetery 362035N 0785332W Timberlake
Wheelers Church Cemetery 361558N 0790718W Hurdle Mills
Woodsdale Cemetery 362911N 0785729W Roxboro
Woodsdale Methodist Church Cemetery 362932N 0785741W Roxboro
Woody Cemetery 363107N 0785412W Cluster Springs
Zion Level Baptist Church Cemetery 362931N 0790613W Olive Hill



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