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This page last updated on 12 June 2006

Hager Quaker Burying Ground Cemetery
Location: In woods beside 1664 Woodsdale Road
From Roxboro, take 501N to left on Woodsdale Road (SR 1326). Cemetery is on right across from southern foot of Hager’s Mountain.
Near road but on private property.
Apr 2006 by Ken and Becky Dalton (Thanks to Ken Jackson)
36 27 57.1 N 078 57 16.7 W

Please note that there is little physical evidence in this cemetery to provide names and dates. This is an historic cemetery, however, and is included here in the hope that researchers will be able to add information about the cemetery.

Tentative identification of this cemetery is based on information in Person County Heritage, Volume 1,  page 26.

In 1800 a tract of 500 acres that includes this cemetery was sold to Archibald and Thomas Heggie (Hager). They were Quakers who had moved from the eastern part of the state to Granville county about 1750. Some of the early deeds mention a Quaker Meeting House on this property. Another source makes a passing reference to a "Quaker burying ground" in the northern part of the county. I will post that source when I can remember where I saw it. This is the scant evidence upon which I make my supposition. Anyone with any shred of evidence to shed light on the identities of the people interred here please contact the webmaster.

This cemetery needs further research but our first survey would indicate that there are 250 or more graves at this location. Most graves have fieldstones at head or head and feet. All graves are oriented east/west as any Christian cemetery would be.

Only one fieldstone had obvious scratchings. The word MARY and the date 1888 are quite distinct. Between the word MARY and the date are 2 more words. The first looks like MOO (could this be Moore?) The other word looks like HAG or CLAY or AUG. Any assistance in identifying this cemetery would be greatly appreciated. It is a very large and old cemetery covered deeply with periwinkle. It obviously has a story to tell.


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