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Satterfield Cemetery
Location: This cemetery is now under the pavement of a parking lot in uptown Roxboro. Although the general location of the original cemetery is still known, the best location is provided by the WPA survey which indicates the cemetery is "located about 100 yards across the street from Person County Courthouse, being directly in back of Hyco Warehouse." The cemetery was behind the buildings directly across from the Person County Courthouse and on the East side of Main Street, thus in the area to the South of the present Senior Center. When the cemetery was paved over for a parking lot, the tombstones were removed.
Access: No visible sign remains but burials are still there.
Survey: 1937 by WPA, GPS by Ken and Becky
GPS: 36 23 35.4 N 078 58 57.7 W


This cemetery was surveyed as part of the WPA cemetery survey. It is listed as cemetery # 176 on the WPA Cemetery Survey page on this web site. The information below is from the WPA Cemetery Survey.

1 - SATTERFIELD, Sue E b. 11-8-1835 d. 12-29-1863

2 - SATTERFIELD, Alice Bell b. no birth date d. 6-25-1854

3 - SATTERFIELD, wife of Henry T JORDAN b. 5-30-1844 d. 8-9-1871

4 - SATTERFIELD, G D b. 10-15-18-7 d. 1-21-1880 (The WPA survey shows this date of birth as "18-7." Researcher John Fox has provided 1807 as the correct date.)

5 - SATTERFIELD, Mary A b. 2-17-1813 d. 5-4-1869

6 - SATTERFIELD, Patty A b. 8?-31-1831 d. 4-21-1886

7 - SATTERFIELD, Jimmie D b. 6-24-18? Balance broken off and cannot be located

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