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This page last updated on 21 September 2004

Maps are great sources of information for locating cemteries, creeks, old roads, or old farmsteads. The table below lists a number of map resources that may help you with your Person County, North Carolina genealogy research. The table includes a link to each resource and a brief description of that resource.

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Person County GIS

Use this service to check current property ownership in Person County and to create maps of current parcel boundaries. Person County pays a provider to supply this service. You may find this a bit user unfriendly, but it does provide some useful information. This works best if you have a high speed internet connection.
2 Topo Zone Topographic maps. A great tool if you are looking for cemeteries.
3 On-line Soils Map An on-line map - "North Carolina Soil's Explorer" - This dynamic soils mapping shows streams and lakes in brilliant contrast. You should be able to use this via a dial-up internet connection.
4 1928 Soils Map A scan of a 1928 Person County Soils Survey map. This is great for an understanding of Person County roads in 1928. Maps are large so a high speed internet connection works best. A good alternative is to download these to your computer.
5 North Carolina Roads This site provides interesting information about North Carolina highways. See especially the information about US 501. Thanks to Danny Lamberth for sending this link. This should be useable via a dial-up internet connection.
6 University of Alabama Map Site Some useful historical North Carolina maps.

U.S. Geological Survey

USGS home page. Access to maps, etc.

USGS Name Query

Search USGS for the names of streams, cemeteries, churches, etc.
9 Orange County Districts A map of the districts in old Orange County.
10 Person County Townships Information about Person County townships
11 NC DOT County Road Maps Download DOT County road maps for NC counties. The Person County map is 23 MB! These maps are in "tif" format. See the DOT Ordering Maps page for information about ordering printed copies of these maps.

These maps include secondary road (SR) numbers but not road names. Churches and cemeteries are shown when they abut highways.

12 1845 North Carolina Map  

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