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This page last updated on 28 August 2004

1928 Soil Survey Map - Person County
This page provides links to scans of a 1928 Soil Survey Map. The original map is much to large to post here or to be able to print on a home printer. Another concern is file size. The original map is in color, the various colors being used to designate soil type.

In order to be able to post the map here, I have made a number of compromises. The posted maps are in black and white rather than color. Since most likely you will be using the maps to locate roads, black and white should be sufficient.

The map has been divided into six parts as indicated in the drawing below. Each of the six parts has been sized just under 8.5 by 11 inches so with luck they will print on your printer.

The files have a resolution of 150 dpi which will be fine for viewing the maps on a computer monitor. The file type is jpg.

Even with these compromises, several of the six files approach 500 MB in size. If you are on a dial-up connection, these files will take a long time to display. Please feel free to right-click with your mouse and do a "save as" to download the files to your computer. By doing that, you only need do the downloads once! And if you really find these maps to be useful, I am willing to discuss burning the TIF files or larger JPG files on a CD and mailing it to you.

Links to Soil Survey Map

Below is a small part of the "upper left" file included as an example of the 1928 Soil Survey Map. The road from the lower left corner is NC57, Semora Road. Note that it comes to a "T" in front of Concord Methodist Church. The church and cemetery are shown. This soil survey map can be especially useful in understanding the roads of that period and tracking the directions included with the WPA cemetery surveys.

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The original map is part of a booklet. the cover of the booket contains this information:

Series 1928                             Number 14
United States Department of Agriculture
Soil Survey
Person County, North Carolina
R.C. Jurney

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