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Power of Attorney - Henry R Barid - 12 Dec 1837

Henry R. Baird
J. & N.H. Baird

This power of attorney is duly registered in Book g on page 345

Know all men by these presents That I Henry R. Baird of the county of Brunswick and State of Virginia have made, constituted and appointed, and in my place and stead put depute John Baird & Nathaniel H. Baird (Exors of Wm Baird) dec’d of North Carolina my true and lawful attorneys for me and in my name, place and stead to grant Bargain and sell all the lands belonging to the Estate of Wm Baird dec’d in which I as a legatee am intrusted with the appurtances and all my estate right title, and interest therein _________ such person or persons, and for such price or prices as they shall think proper and also for me and in my name place, and stead and as my proper act and deed or deeds of conveyance, as shall be necessary for the absolute granting and assuring of the premises unto the purchase of purchasers, in fee sample, Hereby ________ effectually all and whatsoever my said alimonies shall lawfully do in and about the premises by virtue hereof – I witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 12 day of December 1837

Henry R. Baird [seal]

State of North Carolina ]
Person County ] Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
December Term 1837

The within Power of Attorney was duly exehibited in Open Court for probate and there being no subscribing witnesses, It is proved by the oath and examination of John A. Baird that he the said John A. Baird is well acquainted with the hand writing of Henry R. Baird having often seen him write, and that the name of the said Henry R. Baird is in his own hand writing, Therefore let the said Power of Attorney together with his Certificate be registered.
Charles Mason, Clerk


Thanks to Joyce Harrison who provided this transcription.

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