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This page last updated on 29 Oct 2005

Oakley Land Transfers


Johnny Oakley has shared a spreadsheet that he created. The spreadsheet lists land transfers by Oakleys in Person County before 1900. Johnny included the following comments.


I have attached an excel spread sheet that shows most of the land transfers for "Oakley" in Person County, NC before 1900 (that were shown in the ledger book). I did list all that were on the ledger books before 1900 to the best of my knowledge. I placed the word "Most" in the sentence above to insure that you realize that some information may be in other types of files. We may have other land transfers (earlier in time) only in a detail file that were not listed in the books that I obtained this information from.


The file will print seven sheets formatted on legal size paper. The Grantor/ Grantee is listed along with the date (year only) and some brief info on the location and a description that was given, if any. It also gives the location Book and Page number where the detailed files can be found. I copied the info from the ledger book at the Person County Register of Deeds office. Some of the parties related to some transfers are more than one person, as land being in an estate. I attached a note on some entries that is shown with a small red triangle in some cells. I did not proof read the info so I hope all is correct. To insure the information is correct I suggest that any party wishing to use it, go or call the register of deeds and get a copy of the detailed information. The Register of Deeds may impose a charge for copies and mailing. You may wish to call get the details of any charges and then mail them with some type of payment.


The file is a Microsoft EXCEL file. CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE FILE.






When I have time, I will post the file as a text file in case you don't have Excel and want to see the data in the file.

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