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This page last updated on 14 September 2009.

Message Board Links
Quick links to message boards, mailing lists, etc.
1 GenWeb county pages are sites such as the Person County NCGenWeb site you are now using.
2 These "archive" sites are repositories for transcriptions of wills, deeds, and other useful documents.
3 RootsWeb Message Boards provide a web page based facility for posting and searching messages. If you want to know when there is a new post for a specific county, use the "add board to notifications" link and you will receive an email each time a post is added. Messages posted to these boards can be searched efficiently. Try the "Advanced Search" link. If you post to these boards, do other researchers a favor and properly classify your post using the "Message Type" choices.

Be aware that although posts to the Message Board are made immediately, the index that the search function uses is updated only once each week.

See Tips for Person County Message Board for additional information.

4 GenForum Boards are similar to the RootsWeb Message Boards. Sometimes you may find something on one board that is not on another.
5 The mailing lists provide a means to share information that is based on email rather than on web pages as is the case in #1 and #2. This option has the advantage that emails arrive in your mailbox without further action on your part. The mailing list data base is more difficult to search than options #2 and #3.
6 County historical societies are useful sources of historical and frequently genealogical information.

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