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Richard Hargis Will - 02 August 1799
(Transcribed from original found in the NC State Archives, Raleigh, NC by Sharon Tabor.)

Person County, June Term 1800 pg 260

In the name of God Amen I RICHARD HARGIS of the county of Person and state of North Carolina, planter, being very low in health but in Perfect mind and memory thanks be given to god Calling to mind the mortality of Body and knowing that is is appointed for all men Once to Die do make & ordain this my last Will & testament tat is to say principally and first of all I give & recomend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God. that give it and my Body I recomend to the Earth to be buried in deasent Christian burial at the discussion of my Executors. no thing doubting but at the General Resurestion I shal Receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and as Touching Such Worldly Estate where-with it has pleased God to bless me with in this life. I give demise and dispose of the sam in the following manner and form. first I give and bequeath to my Son WM. HARGIS one Silver Dollar, he has had his portion, also my son JOHN HARGIS I leave 1 Silver Dollar as he has had his Portion. also my Son JOSEPH HARGIS. I leave one Silver Dollar as he has had his Portion Also- I leave to my Daughter SARAH HARGIS a young horse called Fresuch (?), a saddle & Bridle a bed & furniture a chest & Table one pott & Pewter dish one Bason & Three plates and Three Spoons and one pewter Tankerd and Three Case knives & forks and tow heffers one named Damsel & the Other Raky and fifty acres land lying on the water of Flatt River beginning at a Black Oak on Allens Old line thence East 21 Chains and Sixty Links to a Stake thense South Seventeen Chains and Twenty five Links to a stake thense west to a stake thense north to the Beginning also I leave to my Son AARON HARGIS a Colt they Call dimenh and Saddle & Bridle one Cow & Calf one Sow & pigs one Bed & Furniture one Pewter dish & three plates one Bason & Three spoons and one Pewter Poranger and three Case knive & forks. and land lying on the water of Flatt River beginning on a pine on John Browns line, thense West to Pointers thense East to the lick Branch thense down the lick Branch to the Dividing line thense East to a stake on a nother Dividing line thense south to a big pine thense East to a white Oak on Loblings line thense south to the beginning Containing -- more or less also I leave to m Son THOMAS HARGIS one hundred & three acres land beginning on a red Oak, go west Sixteen Chains Eighty Sic Links to a red Oak, thense South fiflty nine Chains and Thirty one Links to a big Pine thense East Eighteen Chains to a white Oak on Lobling line thense North to the beginning also one Horse and Sadle & Bridle one Cow & Calf one sow & pigs One Feather Bed Furniture one Pewter Disk and three plates one Bason and three Spoon one Pewter Pranger and three knives and forks and one Pott--also I leave to my Son DENNIS HARGIS a tract of land lying on Flatt River beginning on a white Oak on Robert Dukkens line thense his line north to Flat river thense East the river being the line to a big Rock where the Old hogpen was the line is on a white oak go thence East Crossing the river to a Stake on the dividing line thense South Crossing the river to a Stake the Corner of the Other Division line thense West to the beginning them lines containing more or less also a Horse Bridle & Sadle one Cow & Calf a Sow & pigs one feather Bed & furniture one Pewter Dish and three plates one Bason & 3 spoons three Case knives & forks and one pott one Pewter Poranger all this is to be given as they come of age -- also I leave to my beloved Wife JEAN the land where I know live Containing one Hundred & fifty Acres and al the house hold furniture and plantation tools of all Sorts and also the Horses and other Stock of all kind during her widowhood and at her marriage or death the Land falls to my son RICHARD HARGIS with all the Stock and every thing belonging to the Plantation of all kinds with my Shott Gunn and my rifle belongs to DENNIS HARGIS when he comes of age. Also I do apoint WM. HARGIS Sen Executor with my wife JANE Executrice of this my last Will & Testament in Witness where of I have herunto Set my hand & Seal this 2nd day of August 1799 being 24th year of Americas Independence. Singed Seald in the Presence of RICHD HARGIS Nathaniel Nosstel (?) Benjamin Jacobs & WM HARGIS.

Person County June Term 1800, This Will was duly Read in Open Court by the oath of Natt Norftel, & Ben Jacobs & ordered to be Recorded. Jesse Deekins Clk

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