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For the Third Time in Two Months the Town has Had Narrow Escapes.

Roxboro came near-having a very disastrous blaze in the main business portion of the town early Sunday morning, and was the third narrow escape from being swept by fire with in two months. The blaze originated in a large frame building on Reams avenue, owned by James M. Blalock, and used as a bowling alley, pressing club and lunch room, which was burned to the ground. The Pioneer Warehouse, a large brick structure, fronting, on-Main-Street and running back. for a considerable distance on Reams avenue, burned fiercely, but was extinguished with small loss. A large tobacco prizery and the Primitive Baptist church, both on Lamar street, caught from flying sparks, but were promptly extinguished.


The stores of the Morris-Webb Drug Co., Woody, Long & Morton, Long, Bradsher & Co., and Sergeant, Clayton & Co., all on the west side of Main Street, were in imminent danger, being saved only by a favorable wind and the  keeping of water on them.


Mr. Blalock’s loss is about $1,000 with no insurance. Mr. Walker, owner of the bowling outfit, carried $500 insurance.


At one time it looked as if there was to be a repetition of Roxboro’s memorable fire of February, 1881, which burned every business house, in the town except one  or two. That fire broke on a Sunday night while Mrs. Mary Moon, a Quakeress was holding a revival.


The Courier, March 18, 1908


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