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This page last updated on 06 March 2004.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)





About the Person County NCGenWeb Pages ...

Q & A     I will pose the first question! Researchers frequently send me questions about their family lines under the apparent misunderstanding that I research every family line that has a Person County connection! Of course that is just not so. I do research my own Person County lines and since I am a Person County native and frequent visitor to the county (weekly) I may be able to provide some tips and connections that will be helpful to you.

Q      I have a list of the tombstones in the cemetery where my g-gf is buried (in Person County). Would you like this information to add to the Cemetery web pages?
A      YES! I will add any Person County cemeteries for which you send me information. Please share what you have in this manner. Take a look at the Harris and Fox cemeteries as examples. I can probably take the info in almost any file format but Microsoft WORD works well. If you are able to add annotations as has been done in the case of the Harris and Fox pages, this additional information will be helpful to other researchers.

A word about photographs. Although I would like to add photographs for cemeteries, at the moment I don't have the time to do that. Keep in mind that if you take a photograph of a tombstone you should make it a closeup. The inscription on the stone must be readable from the photograph to be of use to another researcher. A great way to add photographs would be for you to put them on a web page and let me link to your page. Send email if you would like to discuss this.

Q     I am looking for books about Person County history, Person County families, etc. What is available?
I suggest that you start by reviewing the list on this web sit. Check the Resources - Books page. If you find books that I have not listed, send me the information and I will add it to the web page.

Q     What can I find by using the search feature on the home page?
The search feature provides an easy way to find every page on this web site that includes a word of interest to you. Enter the word or name of interest and click the "search" button.

Q     I tried to search the Message Board, but the search did not return something that I know is there. What happened?
Although posts to the Message Board show up as soon as the post is done, the index that the search function uses is only updated about once each week.

Q   Can I use a GPS to locate the cemetery where my long lost great-grandfather is buried?
A    Yes! Check this web page for information about using a GPS to mark or locate a cemetery.

For Beginners ...

Q      I am just starting to research my family. Where can I get information?
A      There are a number of web pages that will help you get started. I suggest that you at least browse the following:


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