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Will - John Day
Wm Morton
Jno G. Lea
Deed in Trust

This Indenture made this the 9th day of August A.D. 1830 between William Morton of the County of Caswell and the State of North Carolina of the one part John G. Lea Trustee of the second part and John C. Lea of the third part both of the County & State aforesaid, witnesseth, that whereof the said William Morton is Indebted to the said John C. Lea in the sum of Seventy Five dollars and is willing and deserving (?) of Securing the payment of the same, Now therefore, for and in Consideration of the premises aforesaid and also in Consideration of the Sum of One dollar in hand paid to the Said Morton the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said William Morton hath the day of the date hereof (?) granted bargained, & Sold & by these presents doth bargain, & sale unto the said John G. Lea his executing Administrators & assigns all the Crops owned by the Said Morton on the Plantation on which he now resides. Consisting of Corn Wheat & Tobacco, Cotton & Oats. The same being the growth & product of the present (?) year (1830) To have and to hold the aforesaid Crop of Corn, wheat, Tobacco, Cotton & Oats to the said Jno G. Lea his executing Administrators & assigns forever. Upon tis Special truth & Confidence _____? That if the said Morton shall fail to pay & satisfy unto the said John C. Lea the aforesaid Debt of Seventy five dollars on or before the 25th day of December next (1830) that then & in that case, the Said John G. Lea Upon the request of either of the parties shall proceed to sell all or as much of the aforesaid Crops as will be sufficient to Satisfy the aforesaid debt & charges first giving twenty days Notice of said sale pay (?) advertisement to be Let up at thru public place in said County which sale is to be at public auction and after the said Trustee shall have sale and crops for the highest price that the same will Command, he is to pay off & Satisfy to the Said John C. Lea his aforesaid debt of seventy five dollars together with all cash and charges that may attend (?) the Carrying into effect the Deed. And after satisfying the said debt the Balance of money if any shall be paid over to the Said William Morton on his _____? In Witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands & affixed their Seals this day & year above Written.

William Morton [seal]

John C. Lea [seal]
Signed sealed & delivered in
Presence of ___
Calvin Graves

State of North Carolina ]

Caswell County ] Be it remembered that on the 13th day of August 1830, at my office, and before me the Clerk of the Court of Pleas and quarter Sessions of the County and State aforesaid-The execution of the foregoing Deed of Trust was duly proved by the oath of Calvin Graves the Subscribing witness thereto-Therefore let the dame be registered according to Law.

Test Paul A Haralson Clk


North Carolina ]
Caswell County ] Be it known that on this 13th day of August 1830 the written Deed of Trust was duly submitted to me the public Register of the County aforesaid for registration which was registered (the rest is very hard to read as it is very small and bunched together. JWH) of probate given under my hands this 13th August 1830

Test W Gooch Reg for said county


Thanks to Joyce Harrison who provided this transcription.

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