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Bastardy Bond - James Franklin and Polly Morton - 15 Sept 1821

James Franklin
Polly Morton
Chairman of Person Court
15th Sept 1821

 State of North Carolina ]

Person County _ ] Know all men by these Presents that we Polly Morton & James Franklin are held and firmly bound unto the Chairman of the Court for the County aforesaid in the Just full Sum of fifty pounds Current money of the State aforesaid, as Witness our hands & Seals this the 15th day of Sept 1821. The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above named Polly Morton single woman was Charged with being with Child, which Child when born will be a bastard, and whereas a warrant having issued and having been sentenced before us Robert Jones & John Garner two of the Justices of the peace, executed, & now if the above bound Polly Morton & James Franklin shall keep the Child free from all Charge to County aforesaid, until it shall arrive to the age of Seven Years- then the above obligation to be paid, or else to remain in full force and Virtue


Robt Jones JP Polly Morton [seal]
Jno Garner JP James Franklin [seal]


Thanks to Joyce Harrison who provided this transcription.

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