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Satterfield Book

Satterfield and Allied Families of Person County, North Carolina and Surrounding Counties (Yarbrough, Carter, Bigger, Cary, Winstead, Cozart, Bumpass, Sargent, Gold, Carney, Walker and Davey Families)
By F. Claiborne Johnston, Jr., Indexed by Carolyn Satterfield Johnston
(December, 1992) 7009 Lakewood Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23229, (804)285-2380

I found this book in the Genealogy Section of the NC State Library in the Archives Building (Raleigh, NC). I have included the Table of Contents  as an aid to help you determine if the book includes material that might be helpful to your resesarch. The Table of Contents below was scanned and coverted to text via OCR. I have not done a careful proof reading of the result, so you may find mistakes introduced via the OCR conversion.


Introduction v

Note on Citations x

Family Lineage Chart xii

I. The Satterfield Family: Early Settlers of Orange ounty, North Carolina 1

A. Pre-North Carolina Satterfield Origins 1

B. The Early Record in North Carolina 3

1. Bedwell Satterfield 5

2. Bedwell Family History 7

3. John (I) Satterfield 9

C. Family of Isaac Satterfield (ca.1763-1852) and Sarah Yarborough 13

D. Family of Samuel Satterfield (ca.1785-1841) and Nancy Carter 15

II. The Yarborough (Yarbrough, Yarboro, Yarbro)Family 20

A. Origins of the Yarborough Family inVirginia 20

B. William Yarborough of Amelia County-,. VA(d. 1748) . 25

C. Samuel Yarborough (ca. 1720-1770) andSarah (Bumpass?) 27

D. Samuel Yarborough (ca. 1765-1820)and Ailsey Winstead 31

E. Samuel H. Yarbrough and Mary E. Cozart(Cazort) 32

III. Old Virginia Ties: The Carter Family Line

A. The Line from Giles Carter, Emigrant ncestor

B. Family of Susannah Bigger, wife of Richard Carter

C. Family of Elizabeth Cary, wife of John Bigger (Sr.)

D. The Waddill Family of Virginia

IV. From Old World to New: The Cozart (Cozzart, Cossart, Cazdrt) and Bumpass Families

A. Origins of the Cossart Family in America

B. Family of Anthony Cossart (I) and his wife Elizabeth Valentine

C. Family of Anthony Cossart (II)

D. Family of Anthony Cozart (III) and Winnefred Bumpass

E. Family of James Bumpass Cazort and Piety McVey

F. The Bumpass Family of Virginia and North Carolina

1. Virginia Origins

2. Robert Bumpass of Amelia County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina

3. "Fighting" John Bumpass, Revolutionary War Soldier

V. The Winstead Family of Northumberland County, Virginia and Person County, North Carolina

A. Northumberland County Origins

B. Migration to North Carolina – Family of Samuel Winstead (1723-1806)

C. Coutance (Custance, Contance, Cotance, etc.) Winstead, son of Samuel Winstead

D. Family of Samuel Winstead (1780-1829) and Elizabeth Sargent

Postscript on Winstead Family Origins

VI. The Sargent (Sergent, Sargeant, etc.) Family of North Carolina and Allied Lines

A. Origins in America

B. Origins in North Carolina - The Family of William Sargent (d. 1768) and Sarah (Lea?)

C. The Lea Family Connection

D. Family of Stephen Sargent (ca. 1735-1814) and Margaret Gold

E. The Gold Family Connection

F. Family of Daniel Sargent (1757-1813) and Delphy Carney

1. Daniel Sargent (1757-1813)

2. Not Daniel Sargent (Jr.) son of Joseph nd Ruth (Ransom) Sargent

3. The Carney Family Connection

4. Migration from Person County to Southwestern Virginia

VII. Walker/Davey (Davie) Families of Person County

A. Family of Moses Walker (d. 1806)

B. Family of Jesse Walker (d. 1795)

C. Family of Burgess Walker (ca. 1790-1854) nd Mary Davey

D. Davey/Davie Family Connections

VIII. Bringing the Story Down to the 20th Century

A. Family of Isaac Satterfield and Ailsey Yarbrough

B.. Family of John Meldrum Winstead and Parthena Marshall Walker

C. Family of Samuel Paul Satterfield and Lou Winstead

IX. 20th Century Chapters: The Family of Henry Clement Satterfield, Sr. 151

A. . Family of Henry Clement Satterfield (Sr.) and Carlotta Gilmore Angier 151

3. Family of Henry Clement Satterfield, Jr. 152

C. Family of Carlotta Gilmore Satterfield nd William Burke Mewborne 154

D. Family of John Angier Satterfield and Carolyn Branson Hooper 155

Postscript 156

Notes on .Sources 159


A. Will of John Satterfield, dated 10 June 1802, proved December Term 1802

B. Will of Samuel Satterfield, dated 28 December 1840, proved 22 Feb. 1841, Halifax County, Virginia, Will Book 19, p. 450

C. Marriage Consent and Bond for Samuel Satterfield and Nancy Carter, Halifax County, Virginia Marriage Register Book 1, page 80.

D. Will of Isaac Satterfield, dated 23 January 1862, proved June Term 1862 Person County, NC

E. Excerpts from "The Winsteads From Eternity to Here" (June 1990); Carolyn H. Jett, "A Discussion of the Wife/Wives of Samuel Winstead (b. 1723)"; Sketch of English Origins of the Winstead Family, presented by Martha Winstead at 1991 Winstead Reunion

F. Notes on Sargent-Lea-Carney (undated) by Ruth Wigfield Phillip

G. Notes on Sargent Family by Betty Fitzgerald, Raleigh, NC

H. Bible Record of Daniel Sargent Family

I. Biographical sketch on Henry Clement Satterfield, Sr. from History of North Carolina: Family and Personal History, volume 4 (1956)



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