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This page last updated on 12 August 2004


This page includes a few tips that may be useful if this is your first visit to the Person County GenWeb site.

1 - Browse the Person County NCGenWeb pages using the links in the Navigation box above to familiarize yourself with the information available here.

2 - The Person County Message Board is the best way to share information and to find other researchers interested in your lines. Obituaries are also found here. Don't be afraid to post a message (or "query"). See the green box to the right for suggestions.

3 - To explore the cemetery listings, follow the "Cemeteries" link in the Navigation box just above. You will find detailed listings of graves. Thanks to Ken Dalton and Becky Farlow for surveying most of these cemeteries.

4 - Learn to use the Search function in the blue box below. This is the best way to find information on these pages that applies to your research. Looking for a specific grave? Try the search function.

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