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This page last updated on May 15, 2008.

Person County Historical Society Publications

The following publications are for sale by the Society.

Mail your order with check payable to the "Person County Historical Society" to the Person County Historical Society, PO Box 887, Roxboro, NC 27573.

The list and prices given below are correct as of May 2008. Before placing an order you may wish to confirm availability and price with the Society.

Description Price
Person County Heritage Book, Volume I $50.00  plus $3.50 tax & $5.00 S&H
Person County Heritage Book, Volume II $50.00 plus $3.50 tax & $5.00 S&H
Person County Heritage Book, Volume III $50.00 (was $60.00) plus $3.50 tax & $5.00 S&H
Picturing Historic PERSON COUNTY BY Eddie Talbert & Edith Grey with Photos by J.W. Merritt $20.00 plus $1.35 tax & $3.50 S&H
Reminiscences, A Sketch and Letters Descriptive of Life in Peson County in Former Days   by A. R. Foushee $10.00 plus $0.70 tax & $2.50 S&H
Index for Reminiscences $5.00 plus $0.32 tax & $2.50 S&H
Penelope's Papers, Sue Nueman $15.00 plus $1.15 tax & $3.50 S&H
Calendars - Past years $4.00 plus $0.28 tax & $1.00 S&H
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