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Historical Markers
Roadside historical markers serve both to remind us of historical people and places and to mark the physical locations of important people and places in the history of Person County. A number of markers within Person County have been erected as a part of the North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program; these have a silver background. Other markers have been erected by the Person County Historical Society and the Person County Museum; these have a dark green background. The list below provides links to pages that provide information about the history of the people and places commemorated by the markers in Person County.









J. G. A. Williamson   G72.
Heritage I, page 61. State.
Edwin G. Reade   G31. [check]
Heritage I, page 61.State.
Rev. John Alexander Beam and Mollie Lucas Beam   Heritage I, page 60. Private.  
Paine's Tavern Paine's Tavern
Site of
First Person County
1791 - 1793
150 ft. west
Built by Dr. James Paine
Heritage I, page 54. Private.  
John Columbus Terrell, M.D. 1818 - 1897
Person County - North Carolina
Birthplace within one mile. Educated:

Solomon Lea School, Leasburg, North
Carolina and University of Penn-
sylvania, Philadelphia. Received M.D.
April 3, 1840.
Dr. Terrell was Person County's greatest
benefactor to education. He Accumulated

his wealth as a general practitioner in
Cuningham Township. At death he be-
queathed a substaintial sum for the
building of schoolhouses in every
township and heavily endowed them.
Heritage I, page 50. Private. Cuningham.
W. W. Kitchin Governor, 1909 - 1913,
member of Congress.
Moved to Roxboro from
Scotland Neck in 1888.
Home is 2 blocks E.
Heritage I, page 11. State.
William R. Webb "Sawney"
Founder, 1870, of Webb
School, since 1886 in
Bell Buckle, Tenn.
Confederate soldier,
U.S. Senator, 1913.
Born 1842, one mile S.
Heritage I, page 11. State.
Cornwallis Passed a few miles
west. February 1781.
Creene followed and
the Battle of Guilford
Courthouse resulted,
March 15, 1781.
Heritage I, page 9. State.  
Greene Persued by Corwallis
crossed into Virginia
and forded the Dan
River northeast of
here. February 1781.
Heritage I, page 9. State.  
Thomas Person Leader of popular move-
ments: Regulation, Revolu-
tion, and Antifederalism.
His home in Goshen stood
five miles north.
Heritage I, page 4. State.
Highway 158 in Granville County near the Person-Granville line.
Robert Paine Leader in organization
of Methodist Episcopal
Church. South. 1845.
Bishop. president of
LaGrange College, Ala.,
& author. Born 1 mi. E.
Heritage I, page 69. State.
US 501 South



For additional information about the program under which the state places historical makers, see "North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program." Information about markers placed by the state in all counties can be found in the publication  Guide to North Carolina Highway Historical Markers (Tenth Edition), Michael Hill, Editor (2007)

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