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Help me play detective with a letter written by William C. Clayton in 1856 in Kentucky to his relatives in Person County, North Carolina. Who is he? Who are the people he mentions in the letter?

Surnames: Tapp, Yarbrough, Snipes, Dunagan, Brown, Moore, and Hargis.


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A Puzzle !

I have puzzled for years over the letter in Stuart Wright’s Person County History book from William C Clayton. I have been unable to place the William C Clayton to whom the letter is attributed.

The letter is found in Historical Sketch of Person County by Stuart Thurman Wright. Danville: The Womack Press, 1974. On pages 66 – 67 of his book Wright reprints a transcription of a letter dated April 27, 1856 and written by William C. Clayton to his “uunkel and aunt” who are in Person County, North Carolina.

If you can help to identify some of the people mentioned in the letter or to identify William C. Clayton, please send me an email. Ed Clayton

Thanks to those who have sent email with suggestions and information. As a result of a great deal of help, I can now identify most of the individuals named in the letter. What I still cannot do is to specifically identify the William C. Clayton who apparently wrote the letter!

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