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Alexander Rountree Foushee


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Pictured above is Alexander Rountree Foushee, his wife Bettie Wilkerson Foushee, and their three sons. The photograph is dated as 1910. Thanks to Mary Andersen for sharing the photograph.


All except Howard are buried in Burchwood Cemetery.



Foushee, Alexander R. Reminiscences, A Sketch and Letters, Descriptive of Life in Person County in Former Days. 1921. Reprinted 1960. 81 pages. Not a traditional history book but a treasured collection (especially if one of your ancestors is included) of letters to the editor of the local newspaper that were written by Civil War veteran and businessman A. R. Foushee between 1914 and 1920. These letters provide delightful insights into the individuals and events of Roxboro and Person County as far back as the 1850s. [The Person County Historical Society has copies of this book for sale.]



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