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River Basins in Person County

Person County is somewhat unique (in many ways) because it includes three watersheds. Part of the county is in the Roanoke River Basin, part in the Neuse River Basin, and part in the Tar-Pamlico River Basin. [I am looking for a map that will show the three river basins.]

Creeks and Rivers

The table below lists many of the creeks, streams, and rivers in Person County. Those that include Latitude/Longitude are from the USGS list. As you encounter references to creeks or streams as a property boundary in deeds, please let me know about them. In addition to the name of the creek or stream, I would like to include a comment indicating where the reference was found (deed book and page or other document). Follow the link at the bottom of the page for my email.

Name Feeds into this Creek or River Township Notes /  Comments Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Aarons Creek       364028N 0784205W Buffalo Springs
Alderidge Creek       361603N 0790003W Hurdle Mills
Bamboo Branch       363127N 0785709W Cluster Springs
Big Bluewing Creek       363716N 0785017W Virgilina
Bluewing Creek       363716N 0785017W Virgilina
Bowes Branch       363334N 0785538W Cluster Springs
Bowes Branch       363332N 0785539W Cluster Springs
Brandon Creek       363550N 0790654W Alton
Bredlov Creek       363222N 0784859W Virgilina
Broachs Mill Creek       362206N 0790642W Hurdle Mills
Broad Branch Mayo   Broad Branch of the Mayo is mentioned in a 1763 Lord Granville Grant. In the survey, it shows it crossing what is now the Person/Virginia border.      
Bushy Fork Creek Flat     361644N 0790305W Hurdle Mills
Byrds Creek Flat ?     361552N 0790147W Hurdle Mills
Camp Creek Flat ?     361228N 0784723W Lake Michie
Cane Creek   Cunningham   363042N 0790356W Alton
Castle Creek       363209N 0785703W Cluster Springs
Cattail Branch       363126N 0784902W Virgilina
Chappels Creek Flat ?     361728N 0785648W Timberlake
Chubb Creek    

Deed book 20
Pg. 80 Bennett Williams to Samuel Williams for 100 lbs., 183A on Chubb Creek. 29 June 1803.
pg. 100 Jeremiah Roberts to Walter Oakley Junior, for $75, 50 acres adj. Abram Dunest to Cub Creek. 22 December 1809.

Deed book 342
pg 115 Miles Wells of Caswell County to Samuel Williams of Person County, for 100 lbs., 333 acres on Cub Creek at the Granville Co. line adj. William Graves. - 8 August 1812
pg. 133 Samuel Williams to Peggy Inscore of Granville Co., for $133 1/3 for 133 1/3 acres on Cubb Creek adj. William Oakley. 16 Sept. 1815

Deed book 262
pg. 163 Elijah Williams to Caswell Vaughn for $102, 50 acres on Cubb Creek adj. Samuel Williams.

Cobbs Creek North Hyco     362840N 0790619W Olive Hill
Crooked Fork       363003N 0784614W Virgilina
Crutchfield Branch       363300N 0785252W Cluster Springs
Crutchfield Branch       363259N 0785254W Cluster Springs
Cub Creek Hyco     362430N 0790625W Olive Hill
Cub Creek       361921N 0784601W Moriah
Deep Creek       361350N 0785318W Rougemont
Dial Creek Flat     361020N 0785129W Lake Michie
Donaldson Creek       362724N 0785237W Roxboro
Double Creek Flat?     362224N 0790649W Hurdle Mills
Duck Creek South Hyco Olive Hill
Shown on a portion of the 1928 Soils Survey Map.      
Fishing Branch       362903N 0785847W Roxboro
Flat River Eno     360541N 0784849W Northeast Durham
Ghent Creek       363143N 0785901W Cluster Springs
Hyco Creek Dan Cunningham   362858N 0790542W Olive Hill
Hyco River Dan Woodsdale   364101N 0784356W Buffalo Springs
Lick Branch Stories Creek     362538N 0790110W Olive Hill
Lick Creek Flat ?     361534N 0790036W Hurdle Mills
Little Duck Creek Hyco     362652N 0790536W Olive Hill
Marlowe Creek       363010N 0785917W Cluster Springs
Mayo Creek       363517N 0785317W Cluster Springs
Mill Creek       362746N 0785256W Roxboro
Mitchell Creek       362720N 0785830W Roxboro
North Flat River Flat / Eno     361503N 0785549W Timberlake
Powells Creek       363137N 0785850W Cluster Springs
Richland Creek South Hyco   Shown on a portion of the 1928 Soils Survey Map. 362529N 0790614W Olive Hill
Rock Fork Branch Flat ?     361623N 0785246W Timberlake
Sargents Creek Hyco?     362923N 0790451W Olive Hill
Satterfield Creek Stories Creek Olive Hill
  362524N 0790104W Olive Hill
Shelton Creek       361727N 0784232W Berea
Snipe Creek       362112N 0790623W Hurdle Mills
South Flat River Flat     361503N 0785549W Timberlake
South Hyco Creek Hyco / Dan     362858N 0790543W Olive Hill
Storys (Stories) Creek Hyco / Dan Roxboro
Olive Hill
  363132N 0785839W Cluster Springs
Tanyard Branch       362446N 0785811W Roxboro
Tar River       353308N 0770506W Washington
Winns Creek       363657N 0790620W Alton
Winns Creek       363657N 0790619W Alton
Links of interest
1 Stream Flow / River Gauges online monitoring stations allow us to check the levels of various creeks and rivers in Person County.
2 find your watershed
3 Upper Neuse River Basin Association


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