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Church of Roxboro  /
Edgar Long Memorial Methodist Church


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In July of 2006 Brenda Oakes shared this photograph that she found in her grandmother's scrapbook. It is labeled Church of Roxboro and on the back it is addressed to her grandmother Elorna Foy Foushee, Roxboro, NC.

In August of 2007, Brenda shared the identification of the photograph.

I spoke with Jean Newell this morning and she identified the photo labeled "Church of Roxboro."

It is a photo of the old Long Memorial Church that was built around 1907 or so by J.A. Long and named for his son, Robert Edgar Long who died c. 1903 at the age of 33.  It was called the Edgar Long Memorial Methodist Church. Jean stated that in 1917 there was a horrific windstorm that blew the tower into the main structure of the church.  It had to be torn down and the existing church was built on its foundation.  She stated that the Methodist Conference changed the name of the church somewhere around 1939 from the Edgar Long Memorial Methodist Church to the current name of Long Memorial Methodist Church.  She stated that the church in the photo did not stand much longer than 10 years as it was built around 1907 and was then badly damaged in 1917.

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